Share a Mural Board in Your Event Room

Mural is a digital and interactive whiteboard that allows you to collaborate with your team. With our Mural app, you'll be able to share your Mural board directly in your event room which will be perfect for your brainstorming sessions, workshops, or project planning for example. 👌

The Mural app is available for customers under plans per monthly active contact.

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Mural Specifications

  • You must have a Premium Mural plan if you want your visitors to edit your board.
  • Attendees won't be able to see your Mural board if they're in incognito mode in their browser.

Enable Mural in Your Event Room

To be able to share your Mural board in your event room, you first need to enable the Mural app from the App Marketplace.

Go to your App Marketplace in your Livestorm dashboard and click on the Mural card.

Enable the app.

The Mural app is now enabled and available for use in your event room! 🎉

Share Your Mural Board in Your Event Room

Once you've enabled the Mural app, you can start sharing your Mural board in your event room and start collaborating with your attendees.

Click on the Share button.

Click on Share a Mural Board.

Sign in with your Mural account (or create one for free) and follow the sign-in steps.
If you've already signed in to your Mural account, this step will be skipped.

Select an existing Mural board or create one by clicking on the + button.

Your Mural board is now displayed in the room and you can start collaborating with your attendees by modifying it and using the tools on the left sidebar.

Remove Your Mural Board From the Event Room

You can remove your Mural board at any time from the event room. Your Mural board will stay saved in your Mural account.

Click on the X at the right top corner of the stream.

Confirm that you want to remove the Mural board.

Your Mural board has been removed from your event room.

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