How to Use Whiteboard and Drawing Tools

With Livestorm, you can share a whiteboard and use drawing tools to make your webinar more interactive! Thanks to our integration with Miro - a collaborate whiteboard platform - you can create visuals, highlight things, write notes while presenting, and more !


How to use drawing tools

All you have to do is click on Actions > Share a whiteboard :

Then you can either create a new board (without an account) or sign in to your Miro account (to create a new board or use existing boards) :

If you create a board without an account, don't worry, you can always sign up later to save your board!

Create a board without signing in

Here is an outline of what each button in the whiteboard means : Under the Apps button, you can select and add from several options :

Here is an example of a template :

Simply click on Sign up to save in order to save your board, otherwise it will be deleted in 24 hours.

Without an account, if you remove the board from stage, it will be lost forever ⚠️

Hover over the stream/whiteboard in order to remove the media from stage (by clicking on the X).

Create a board by signing in

Share an existing board or create a new board :

Choose your access settings :

The view and buttons are slightly different while logged into an account :
You have the option to invite collaborators by clicking on Share :

You can also export the board directly from the webinar room by clicking on the export icon next to the board's title.

Focus users on you

If you have at least one attendee inside the room or have started the webinar, you will have the option to  Bring everyone to me in order to focus users on your work. 

Need more assistance?

Miro is a very powerful tool and you can achieve numerous things with this platform 🚀 

For more on how to use it, feel free to check out the Miro Help Center 🙌🏼

Notably the Getting Started and Using Miro sections 🙂