Connect 1000 Apps & Livestorm with Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Livestorm to hundreds of other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn't be possible.

Each Zap has one app as the Trigger, where your information comes from and which causes one or more Actions in other apps, where your data gets sent automatically.


Getting Started with Zapier

Here is a quick introduction video to help get you started:

Sign up for a free  Zapier account, from there you can jump right in. To help you hit the ground running, here are some popular pre-made Zaps.

How do I connect Livestorm to Zapier?

  1. Log in to your Zapier account or create a new account.
  2. Navigate to "Connected Accounts" from the top menu bar.
  3. Now click on "Connect new account" and search for " Livestorm "
  4. Use your credentials to connect your Livestorm account to Zapier.
  5. Once that's done you can start creating an automation! Use a pre-made Zap or create your own with the Zap Editor. Creating a Zap requires no coding knowledge and you'll be walked step-by-step through the setup.
  6. Need inspiration? See everything that's possible with Livestorm and Zapier.

When you will connect your Livestorm account to your Zapier account, it will ask you to enter your Livestorm's API key. You can find it in  Settings > Integrations > Zapier.

What "Triggers" do you provide?

Trigger events on Zapier mean that every time a certain action happens on Livestorm then it will trigger something in another app based on the data sent by this trigger.

Here's an example: if someone re gisters to your webinar you can transfer that profile to a MailChimp list.

So far, we provide the following triggers :

  • New Registrant
  • Webinar Published
  • Webinar Started
  • Webinar Ended (with or without line-items support). It will include all of the registrants and whether they've attended or not.

This list will be updated as we continue to ship new triggers.

If you need some workflows  examples using those triggers  you can refer to this blog post.  

Can I use the other way around and create registrants?

Yes, you can. Zapier actions are available. You can add a new webinar registrant via Zapier, all we need is an email, first name, and last name. It's perfect if you want to  use your own landing page using Instapage, Hubspot, Unbounce or Leadpages for instance.

Note that you can only send Email, First name, and last name to Livestorm using Zapier at the moment. More fields will be available really soon.

Livestorm API and Zapier

The Livestorm public API allows your developers to leverage your events' data to automate processes.

With the public API, you can develop integrations to:

  • Register participants from your own registration page
  • Create custom reports for past weeks' webinars
  • Synchronize contact details
  • Register multiple participants at once

...and much more!

How to debug your zaps in Zapier

Missing data? Zapier did not run as expected? Often this is due a misconfiguration, to debug your zaps and get all the details you can go to your Zap task history:

In the task history section, you will be able to inspect whatever is sent ("data out") and received ("data in") by each step of the Zap. Usually when there's an error in a running Zap you will have the details here.

Alternatively, you can check this video from the Zapier documentation that explains how the task history works:

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