Connect Intercom & Livestorm

Intercom is a live messaging app that makes it easy to personally communicate with them through email, in-app, and web messages. If you talked to the Livestorm team via our chat then you have already used Intercom.

Why Connect Livestorm and Intercom?

By connecting Livestorm and Intercom together, you can add your Intercom tag to  Livestorm registration pages, your company page and on-demand webinar rooms. This is useful if you want to reach out to visitors on those specific platforms with your own live chat. You can talk via the Intercom app with prospects not only on your website but also on Livestorm. This is useful if they have questions about your webinar, your company or just need some help. It has shown a significant positive impact on registration conversion rates.  

How Does It Work?

Grab you Intercom tag from your integrations panel, from JavaScript installation for visitors:

Now you can go to your Livestorm account. Go to  Settings > Integrations > Intercom

Just paste your tag in the form. Choose if you want to add the tag on your registration pages, your company page or your on-demand webinar rooms. You can even tell Livestorm if you want to have it automatically set up for each new webinar you create:

Import note: integrations you set up will be disabled by default for your previously created webinars. If you want to enable the integration for a previous webinar, just go to the webinar settings page and you'll be able to enable it under the Integrations part.

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