Connect Google Analytics & Livestorm

Google Analytics enables you to keep track of the visits on your website or any platform where you can put the Google Analytics tag on. 

Why Connect Livestorm and Google Analytics?

By connecting Livestorm and Google Analytics together, you can paste your Google Analytics tag on the Livestorm registration pages and company page. This is useful if you want to track visitors or registrations on those specific platforms with your own analytics. You can even create custom properties in Google Analytics for the registration pages and/or the company page. You will be able to capture more insights on the visitors such as the device, the source of the traffic, the time spent on the page, etc. as well as analytics on their registration.

How Does It Work?

Grab your  Google Analytics Tracking ID on your admin panel for a given property, it should start with UA-XXXXX-XX. We recommend you to create a new property dedicated to Livestorm . You can use " " while setting up your new account.

Now you can go to your Livestorm account. Go to  Settings > Integrations >  Google Analytics and you can just paste your Tracking ID in the form. Choose if you want to add the tag on your registration pages and/or your company page. You can even tell Livestorm if you want to have it automatically enabled for each new webinar you create:

In addition to tracking visits, we'll also send a registration event to Google Analytics so you can track it as well. We fire an event in this format:

  • Category: Webinar 
  • Action: Register 
  • Label: Name of the webinar

🚨Import note: integrations you set up will be disabled by default for your previously created webinars. If you want to enable the integration for a previous webinar, just go to that webinar's settings page and enable it under "Integrations".

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