Add Custom Code to Livestorm Pages

In Livestorm, you can add whatever javascript tag you want on your registrations pages and/or company page. This is useful if an integration is missing. You can add a Facebook Pixel or a specific live chat tag. But you can add whatever code you want, it can even be CSS!

How Does It Work?

Log in to your Livestorm account. Go to  Settings > Integration > Custom code. You can just paste your custom code between script tags for instance. Choose if you want to add the tag on your registration pages and/or your company page. You can even tell Livestorm if you want to have it automatically set up for each new webinar you create.

🚹Import note: integrations you set up will be disabled by default for your previously created webinars. If you want to enable the integration for a previous webinar, just go to the webinar settings page and enable it under "Integrations".

Custom Thank You Page

Here is a custom code snippet for instance that will allow you to redirect people who register to your event to a custom thank you page (useful for displaying a pixel tracker for registrants for instance)

<script src=""></script>

<script> $(function() { $($('.calendar-list').parents('.modal')).on('', function() { window.location = '' }) })</script>