Add Custom Code to Livestorm Pages

Who can use this feature?Who can use it? Host, Workspace Owner

Which Pricing Plan?On which plans? Pro, Business, Enterprise plans

In Livestorm, you can inject Custom code to your Registration pages and/or Company page. It allows you to make UI changes by adding custom CSS (removing elements, changing colors, add buttons...), adding tracking pixels (Google, Segment...), or even adding Javascript libraries. This custom script will be injected at the bottom of the <body> HTML tag.

Our Custom code integration is accessible to customers with yearly Pro plans or monthly Pro plans (with a minimum subscription of 3 months), Business and Enterprise plans.


Add Custom Code to Your Pages

To add Custom code to your Livestorm pages, follow these steps:

Go to your Settings menu and then Account settings.
Click on App marketplace and select the Custom code card.
Paste your code.
Click on Continue to the next step.
Choose if you want your code to be applied on your Registration pages and/or the Company page.
Choose if you want to enable the integration on the new events you will create.
Click on Enable integration and check on the Integration menu that the status is green and "Enabled".

The Custom code integration you've just set up will not be enabled by default on events previously created. You need to enable it manually on each event.

Livestorm Tip 👉 If you want to use jquery as a programming language with our Custom Code integration, you will need to add this snippet of code before the rest of your code: 
<script src=""></script>

Enable Custom Code on Specific Events

Once you've enabled the integration (which applies to your workspace overall), you will need to enable the integration on each specific event that you want it to apply to.

In order to enable Custom code on specific events you've already created:

Go to your specific event dashboard.
Click on Settings and then on Apps.
Check the box to enable your Custom Code integration for that event.

Now that you know how to set up the Custom code integration for your events, feel free to customize your Registration and Company pages! 😉

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