Add Custom Code to Livestorm Pages

In Livestorm, you can add whatever javascript tag you want on your registration pages and/or company page. This is useful if an integration is missing. You can add a Facebook Pixel or a specific live chat tag. But you can add whatever code you want, it can even be CSS!

Please note that our custom code integration is available to customers with a yearly Webinar Premium subscription, monthly Webinar Premium subscription (if subscribed for at least 3 months), and customers on Managed Billing.

👉 If you'd like to learn more about tracking pixels please refer to our dedicated support article: How to track conversions?

How to add custom code

Step 1 - Log in to your Livestorm account. Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Custom code. You can paste your custom code between script tags for instance. Choose if you want to add the tag on your registration pages and/or your company page. You can even tell Livestorm if you want to have it automatically activated for each new webinar you create.

Step 2 - Once you enable the integration (which applies to your workspace overall), you will need to enable the integration on each specific webinar that you want it to apply to. If you have already created the webinar you need it for, you would need to go back to that webinar to apply the integration. 

Go back to your specific webinar > Settings > Integrations and make sure to check the option to enable custom code. 

And you're all set  🎉

🚨 Important note: Integrations you set up are not enabled by default for your previously created webinars. If you want to enable the integration for an already existing webinar, just go to the specific webinar's Settings and enable it under Integrations.

💡If you want to use  jquery as a programming language with our custom code integration, you will need to add this snippet of code  <script src="<>"></script> before the rest of your code 😉
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