Create On-Demand Events

Overview of on-demand webinars

On-demand webinars are pre-recorded webinars, always open for new registrations that anyone can join 24/7 to get evergreen content. On-demand webinars are great for different situations and types of companies. It depends on your situation and goals. Feel free to check out our blog article "How to Create On-Demand Webinars" to learn about how on-demand webinars can help you ๐Ÿ‘

Make your webinar replay available on-demand

Once your webinar is over, you can make your replay public and available on-demand. This way, you'll keep collecting registrations after your live event. The process will be the same, everyone will be able to register for the replay from your webinar page, and receive their access code to enter the webinar room. 

In order to set this up, all you have to do is go to your replay access settings from your webinar dashboard and change access to " Anyone on-demand"

๐Ÿ‘‰Important note: Please bear in mind that a recurring webinar cannot be on-demand. Also, if a webinar already has on-demand registrants, you cannot add additional sessions on it.

Make your replay available on-demand *without* a live session

In this case, it doesn't matter what date/time you set for your webinar. All you need to do is:

1. Select "Anyone on-demand" in your Replay Access Settings

2. In your Replay Video Source: upload a) your custom video as " Uploaded video" or  b) select "Video iframe" and input the code 

3. Go into your webinar room, click on Start webinar, wait a few seconds, then click on End webinar

That's it! Your webinar will then be available on-demand ๐Ÿ‘

Customize your on-demand webinar email

Once you make your webinar available on-demand, you can go ahead and edit the confirmation email in your webinar settings under "Emails".

Interact with your registrants right inside the webinar room

If you create an on-demand webinar, we recommend you to disable the Chat and Questions tab. This is because you won't get notified if your registrants try to contact you through these tabs. Instead we recommend you to use either or Intercom, Drift, or Help Scout integration to engage with your on-demand registrants.  You can achieve this by adding your own Intercom / Drift messenger or Help Scout beacon to the on-demand webinar room. 

You may find a step by step explanation on how to do that in our Integrations section:

Once you set it up, your on-demand registrants can reach out to you instantly! This will help in cases, where they need to ask you questions about your webinar or just pass any remarks. 

Feel free to  reach out to us if you need another chat integration like LiveChat, Crisp, etc. ๐Ÿ€

Display your on-demand webinars on your company page

You'll have a new section on your company page where all your on-demand webinars will be listed.

Feel free to check out our article " How Do I Use My Company Page?" for more information on how you can benefit from this feature.

View and export your on-demand registrations from your dashboard

When you connect to your Livestorm dashboard, we will give you an overview of the number of unique on-demand registrants you've had until now.

If you'd like to have more details on your registrants, feel free to click on the on-demand webinar on your dashboard. You'll find all the people who've registered on your People dashboard, just without the attendance analytics. You can choose to display your on-demand registrants by selecting "On demand" from your Active columns.

You'll find all the people who've registered on your People dashboard, just without the attendance analytics. 

If you need to you can always export your on-demand registrants by using our export feature ->  Export Your Webinar Data

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