How Do I Use the Company Page?


How to access my company page

The company page is a place to list all your upcoming and past webinars. To access it you can click on your account menu and click on the company page link:

How can I disable my company page?

In order to disable your company page, check the dedicated box at the top left corner. When you disable your company page it will only be visible to you. Your visitors won't be able to view all your events on your webinar registration pages either. 

How can I disable a specific webinar from my company page?

If you want a webinar to be disabled on that page, you can do that of course! All you have to do is go to your Webinar settings and click Registration. Under Advanced settings, you'll see the option to hide your webinar from your company page

Can I use that page on my website?

Click on "Embed on my website" (found on the upper right corner) and paste the widget wherever you want. 

You can:

  • Display upcoming or past events
  • Display only certain languages
  • Display only a certain type of event
  • Display X number of events

Note: to display the past AND upcoming events you will have to paste two widgets, one for the upcoming ones and the other for the past ones.

Note: For displaying X number of events, the number takes into account the sessions too if there are recurring sessions. So make sure to select the correct number according to the total amount of all the sessions added up together.

Page Customization & Languages

You can change the main color of your company page, this will impact your buttons and top border. Also, you can change your logo from your account settings, make sure it's in a squared format.

The page and the widget will automatically adapt to the visitor's browser language. So if we have the language available in our system, we'll translate that page automatically. For any other language, it will fallback to English. You can force the company page or the widget to be in a certain language using a lang parameter in the url. Just like this for instance: