Connect HubSpot & Livestorm

HubSpot is a platform that offers marketing, sales, customer service, and CRM software.

By connecting Livestorm and HubSpot together you can automatically send attendees/registrants' data from Livestorm to your sales pipeline. This is great to make sure that your sales team will follow up on the leads you generate via your events.


Set up HubSpot With Livestorm

Go to your Settings menu and then Account settings.
Click on Integrations and select the HubSpot card.

Then, you need to Connect your HubSpot account with Livestorm.

As we launched a new version of this integration, if you've already had HubSpot enabled before March 29th 2021 you will see an Update button instead of a Connect one.

You are then redirected to your HubSpot Accounts.

Select the account you want to connect with Livestorm and click on Connect app.

You're taken back to the HubSpot integration card and you can see you are "Connected".
Check the "Automatically enable this integration for new events" box if you want it to be applied to each future event.

Select the "Automation rules" you need. 

If you've already had HubSpot enabled before March 29th 2021, your previous automation rules will be applied the same way. You can modify them if you need or leave them the way they are.

Now that your HubSpot integration is all set, you can enable it and you're all set! 🎉

The HubSpot integration you've just set up will not be enabled by default on events previously created. You need to enable it manually on each event.

Create Automation Rules

The automation rules will help you create workflows to enrich your HubSpot database according to your registrants/attendees' behavior.

Triggers available (when this happens on Livestorm):

  • Attended a live event (each time someone attends one of your events)
  • Registered for an event (each time someone registers to one of your events via the registration page, widget, Zapier...)
  • Watched the recording of an event (each time someone watches the recording of one of your events)
  • Watched an on-demand event (each time someone watches one of your on-demand events)

Actions available (what will happen on HubSpot):

  • Create a new contact when someone...

If the contact already exists, it won't be created a 2nd time.

The following Livestorm registration fields will be mapped with HubSpot's ones: first name, last name, email, and company.

  • Create a new deal when someone...

If an existing deal is already linked to your contact in HubSpot, a new deal won't be created.

  • Create a timeline event when someone...

You can learn more about how to use Livestorm data in Hubspot by reading our dedicated article.

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