Use Livestorm Data in HubSpot

After enabling the HubSpot integration on your Livestorm account and running your first live events, you'll start to receive new contacts along with detailed engagement data. This article will explain how to leverage this data to qualify your leads and automate tasks.

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Livestorm's Contact Activity Filter

First, don't forget to activate Livestorm's contact activities (also known as 'timeline events'). 

To do so, navigate to any contact page and select the Livestorm integration's activity category checkbox.

Use Lists to Leverage Your Livestorm's Data

Here are a few examples of list criteria — whether static or dynamic — to segment the contacts that engaged with your Livestorm events.

Create a List and Use Livestorm's Filters

To create a list and use Livestorm's filters:

Click on the Create List button at the top right corner.
Name your list and click on Next.
Choose your filter.
All good, your filtered list is now created! 🎉

Contacts Coming From Livestorm

'60822' is the underlying application ID of the Livestorm integration. If you want to segment the contacts that Livestorm created, you can filter them by selecting this value in the 'Original source drill-down 2' contact property filter.

Livestorm Registrants

To list all your Livestorm registrants, select Livestorm's "Attendee Registered" activity filter and choose a date from/before which contacts were tagged at least once with this activity type. 

You can also  choose a specific event to drill down into using the 'Event name' or 'Event URL' sub-properties.

Livestorm Registrants Who Didn't Attend

To filter people who registered but ultimately didn't attend your event, choose people who registered for at least one of your events but who don't belong to the attended category defined in the list above. In other terms, you choose people who registered but exclude those who attended.

Livestorm Registrants to a Specific Event

You can target specific events using the subfilters 'event link' or 'event name' properties of a given activity. Therefore, it will only select the people who registered for, attended a live or on-demand specific event.

Livestorm Attendees

Same as for the 'Event Ended' activity filter but this time with the 'Event Ended' activity event. This will only select registrants who attended at least one of your Livestorm events.

Livestorm Attendees Who Watched ≥ 90% of an Event

Choose the 'Event ended' filter type (people who attended) and choose an attendance rate value greater than 90. HubSpot doesn't support mathematical operations in this field, meaning you have to type in all the percent values that make sense for you (such as 90, 91,... 100).

Use Automation Workflows

Enroll your Livestorm Registrants/Attendees in Workflows

To do so, create a new contact-based workflow in HubSpot and leverage the different contact activities related to Livestorm as enrolment triggers.

Similarly, you can use your contact lists created above instead of using raw activity filters.

Compute Total Aggregated Number of Registrants & Attendances

You can leverage our contact activity cards to automatically compute the total number of registrations or attendances in a new contact property. Here's how to do so:

Create a new contact property, for instance, Livestorm total event registrations (Group 'Contact activity', Field type 'Number', Format 'Unformatted number').

Then, create a new workflow in which you can enroll people who registered for your Livestorm events (you can drill down into specific events if needed). Alternately, you can also base this enrollment trigger on dynamic list changes. Don't forget to also check the 're-enrollment' settings for new occurrences of this trigger that will happen in the future.

As the next action step, define an 'Increase or decrease property value' step and choose the new contact property freshly created beforehand. Increase it by a numeric value of 1.

That's it! Each time a new contact will register to some of your Livestorm events that match these criteria, their 'Livestorm total events registrations' field will be incremented. It also works with the attendance, on-demand, and replay watching contact activities. 🎉

Filter Contacts That Came From Livestorm

As explained above, Livestorm's HubSpot integration ID is 60822. When filtering your contacts, choose the 'Original source drill-down 2' contact field and paste this ID. Only contacts created from the integration will show up.

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