Map the Contact Attributes Between HubSpot & Livestorm

If you're using HubSpot as your CRM, you can connect it to Livestorm through our native integration, as well as allow your contacts to Register to a Livestorm Event from a HubSpot Form. You may also want to automatically map the information entered in the Livestorm events registration forms by your attendees, to your HubSpot contacts. This article will guide you through the whole process.

For the complete overview of our integration with HubSpot, feel free to read our dedicated article.

After your HubSpot integration is set and enabled, you can click on Map contact attributes.

Then, by scrolling down or clicking on All fields to display the categories, select the fields to map from Livestorm to Hubspot.

You can select a Livestorm Value already listed and Save:

In the Registration settings of your event, add the corresponding field. You have the possibility to make it required for the attendee to register.

It will appear anyway in the registration form of you event. Here, for example, the contact will fill in the field called “City”, and the information will be sent to the “City” value of this contact on HubSpot.

You can also choose to type in a default value, then Save:

It will automatically be assigned to your contact in HubSpot, when the attendee will register to your event through the registration form.

It is useful, for example if you already know that all the attendees of the event represent a High contact priority, and you want to precise it on their HubSpot details.

Learn more about how to use Livestorm data in Hubspot by reading our dedicated article!

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