Export Your Event Data

You can export your events and attendees data as CSV, XLSX and ODS.


Export your event data

You can export all your events to have a global datasheet of your activity on Livestorm. To do so, just go on your main dashboard and click on the export button. 

Export your registrant data

  • Export your registrant data from a single event

You can export all your data from a single event. You can choose between exporting data belonging to a specific session or all sessions. You can export all columns, or only selected columns.

  • On your Event dashboard, click on an event.
  • Go to the People tab.
  • Click on the Export button and choose Registrants
  • Export as CSV/XLSX/ODS. You'll receive your export by email.
    • Export your registrant data from all your events

    You can export all your registrant data from all your events at the same time.

    • Go to the People page and click on Export

    • You can choose between 3 formats: Excel, CSV or ODS. The export will be directly sent to your email address.

    Export Displayed Columns

    With active columns, you can display specific data belonging to your event. Choose which data you'd like to display with the dropdown menu. You can then choose to export only the active (selected) columns thus get only the data that you need 👍

    Recurring Events - Export Displayed Session

    In the export menu, you'll see that you can also export a unique session. In order to export data of a specific session, you'll have to filter your recurring event. You can do that by clicking on the filter with a session button. You'll get a popup window where you'll be able to select the session you'd like. 

    When you click Request export, you'll be able to choose to export the data belonging to the displayed session only:

    Exporting the Chat & Questions

    We do not send a chat export if no public chat messages were sent during the event.

    Just like exporting your registrant data, you'll now be able to export the chat messages and questions in the event room. You can do this on your People dashboard by using the Export button. You can export this data for all your event sessions or just the displayed session. It's really up to you!

    Export Polls

    You can export the poll answers from your People menu. In order to achieve this all you have to do is, click Export registrants, and then choose All columns. You'll be able to see the poll answers in the export you receive by email.

    Import your CSV file to Excel or Google Sheets

    You can already export your data as XLSX, but we'll just leave this this tutorial from Microsoft here if you'd like to import the CSV to Excel anyway. Using Google Sheets? Follow this tutorial instead.

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