Connect Hubspot CRM & Livestorm

Hubspot is a marketing automation software but also provides a free CRM to help companies doing sales. A lot of startups, small companies and even bigger ones, rely on Hubspot CRM (and their marketing automation). It is important for us to be part of that sales process.

Why Connect Livestorm and Hubspot?

By connecting Livestorm and Hubspot together you can send your registrants/attendees automatically to your sales pipeline, under a specific stage, create contacts or task notes. This is great to make sure that your sales team will follow up on the leads you generate via your webinars.

How Does It Work?

1. Find Your API Key

First, you need to grab your Hubspot API key. You can just click here to get it. You can also go to your Hubspot dashboard, click on your profile to open the dropdown menu, click on Integrations and click on Hubspot API Key. Then, you can click on View key to grab your API key.

2. Add your Hubspot API Key to Livestorm

Now you can go to your Livestorm account. Go to  Settings > Integrations > Hubspot. You just have to fill the form with your Hubspot API key:

3. Create Automation Rules

Based on your attendees behaviour you can trigger specific actions in Hubspot.

Triggers available:

  • When someone registers. This will trigger each time someone registers to one of your webinars (via the registration page, the registration widget or Zapier).
  • When someone attends the webinar. This will trigger only at the end of your webinars. The rule will fire actions for each registrant that has attended the webinar.

Actions available (aka what you can do on Hubspot)

  • Create/update a new contact and company.*
  • Create a task note on a contact with the webinar details.
  • Create/update a new deal in a specific stage/pipeline 

* We will update your contact if it is already in your Hubspot. If it doesn't exist yet, we will create it. Also, we will never override existing data. We will just add information that is missing.

When we create or update a contact or a company, we make sure to pass the data from your registration form as well. Meaning that if you use our preset fields such as phone, company, website, first name, name, etc.,  we will map those fields with the ones on Hubspot.

Note that you can make sure that this integration is enabled by default every time you create a new webinar. Just check that last box at the bottom.

Import note: Integrations you set up will be disabled by default for your previously created webinars. If you want to enable the integration for a previous webinar, just go to the webinar settings page and you'll be able to enable it under the Integration part.


The deal was not created. Why? 

If an existing deal is already linked to your contact in Hubspot, we will not create a new deal.

The company was not created. Why?

Scenario 1:

If you have added the "Company" field in your registration form, we will use this field to create a company on Hubspot. If you have not added this field to the registration form, we will not create the company on Hubspot unless we are able to find the company through our data enrichment service. 

Scenario 2:

If a company is already linked to a contact on Hubspot, we will not a create a new company.

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