Add Apps to Your Event Room

Livestorm offers you the possibility to add apps to your event room to enhance your live experience. You can add apps from the App marketplace or build custom ones.

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Add Apps From the App Marketplace

Thanks to our App marketplace, you can add many different apps to your event room in just one click. 

Here are the apps you can enable in your event room:

  • Custom Design: customize the design of your Event Room by changing the colors of the background or buttons, adding a background image, or adding your company logo.
  • Direct Messages: send direct messages to Team Members, Guest Speakers, and participants with this app.
  • External Sidebar: open the sidebar on a mobile device or in a new window so you can see the chat and questions while sharing your entire screen
  • Figma: use Figma to collaborate with your team and stay up to date with the latest design changes.
  • Miro: share Miro whiteboards with your attendees.
  • Mural: share a Mural board with your audience to collaborate during your event.
  • Handouts: use this app to share files with your attendees and other team members.
  • Interprefy: get your event translated in real-time by a remote professional conference interpreter.
  • PowerPoint: share a PowerPoint file during your event.
  • Slido: share a Slido with your audience to do Q&A and polls during your event. 
  • Timer: set a timer to keep track of your presentation time or animate your workshops during an event.
  • Transcript: get an automated transcription of your event
Go to the App marketplace either from your dashboard or by clicking on the Apps icon inside your event room.
From your dashboard:

From your event room:

Click on the app card you want to enable.

Enable the app to manage its settings.

Your app is now activated in your event room! 🎉

Add Custom Plugins Built by Yourself

In addition to our Public API and Webhooks, we offer developers a way to personalize their Livestorm room experience by letting them build custom plugins.

Here's how it works: 

First, start by reading our documentation and developer guides about the app.
Then, install our official plugins command-line interface (CLI).
Generate a new API token in your Livestorm settings page dedicated to your plugin.
Generate a new plugin using our CLI and use this token.
Use the 'watch' and 'publish' commands to publish your private plugin to your Livestorm workspace.
That's it, your plugin is now live! 🎉

To know more about plugins and start learning how to build yours, read our official documentation.

If your company is interested in building an official plugin and partnering with Livestorm to list it publicly, contact us at

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