Embed PowerPoint in Your Event Room

Who can use this feature?Who can use it? Admin, Member

Which Pricing Plan?On which plans? Enterprise under a per monthly active contact plan

Our PowerPoint application enables your team members and speakers to share and move along their PowerPoint presentation directly in the event room. You'll first need to enable the PowerPoint app in your App Marketplace and then you'll be ready to share your slides! Let's see how to do so!

The PowerPoint embedding feature is available in beta.

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PowerPoint Embedding Specifications

  • Team members, guest speakers, and anyone on stage can share a PowerPoint presentation and handle the slides.
  • You must get the PowerPoint file URL to embed it in your event room.
  • The animations of your PowerPoint presentation will be displayed in your event room.
  • Only embedded YouTube videos are supported.
  • You can't see the speaker's notes.

Our PowerPoint application might be blocked by your firewall. In that case, you must whitelist *.surfly.com to be able to use it.

Enable the PowerPoint App From Your Dashboard

To be able to share your PowerPoint presentation in your event room, you first need to enable the PowerPoint app from the App Marketplace.

Go to your App Marketplace in your Livestorm dashboard and click on the PowerPoint card.
Enable the app.
The PowerPoint app is now enabled and available to use in your event room! 🎉

Share your PowerPoint Presentation in Your Event Room

Once you've enabled the PowerPoint app, you can start embedding your PowerPoint presentation in your event room and share your slides.

Generate a URL of your presentation by clicking on the Share button at the top right corner of your PowerPoint presentation and then Copy Link and Copy.

If you want to share your PowerPoint file with someone else who will present it, the easiest way is to select Anyone with the link can edit. That way, they don’t have to be signed in to present the document. 👌

In your event room, click on the Share button.

Select Share a PowerPoint file.

Paste the PowerPoint link you've previously copied and click on Share.

Your PowerPoint presentation is now embedded in your event room and you can start the slideshow.

The screen ratio of the presenter will applied to all attendees' screens.

To scroll through the slides, you can either use the left and right arrows on your keyboard or the PowerPoint menu showing at the bottom corner of the presentation. 🎉

Only the person sharing the presentation can handle the slides.

Remove Your Powerpoint Presentation From your Event Room

When you're done with your PowerPoint presentation, you can remove the PowerPoint stream as any other stream in the room.

Click on the X at the top right corner of the stream.

Click on Confirm.

Your PowerPoint stream has been removed from the stage.

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