Interact With Your Audience Using Slido

Slido is an app that allows you to interact with your audience using open-ended questions, different types of polls, and word clouds. Your attendees can also ask their own questions. Let's see how to do so!

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Slido Specifications

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Enable the Slido App in Your Event Room

To use Slido in your event room, you first need to enable it.

Go to your App marketplace either from your dashboard or by clicking on the Apps icon inside your event room.
From your dashboard:

From your event room:

Click on the Slido card you want to enable.

Enable the app.

Slido is now activated in your event room!

Use Slido in Your Event Room

Now that you're Slido app is activated in your event room, you can start using it during your event!

You must have (or create) a Slido account to use Slido in your event room.

Only the first slide will be visible in the replay.

Create a Slido in your Slido account.

Copy the link of your Slido.

Go to your event room, click on the Share button and then Share a Slido.

Copy the link of your Slido and then Share it.

When you're ready, start your Slido.

Your Slido will automatically be displayed in the room, allowing your attendees to interact and send their answers.

The answers will show up live in your Slido dashboard.

If you have several polls or questions one after the other, you can play the next one.

It will also be automatically displayed in your event room, allowing your attendees to answer it.

You can manage your Slido from your Slido dashboard and see all the analytics as well from there.

To remove your Slido from the stage, simply click on the X at the top right corner of it.

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