Share Files During Your Event With Handouts

With our Handouts app, you can share files with your attendees and other team members during your event.

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Enable the Handouts App in Your Event Room

To be able to share files during your event, you first need to enable the Handouts app.

Go to the App marketplace either from your dashboard or by clicking on the Apps icon inside your event room.
From your dashboard:

From your event room:

Click on the Handouts card you want to enable.
Enable the app.

Your Handouts app is now activated in your event room! 🎉

Share Files During Your Event

Once you've enabled the Handouts app, it's very easy to share files with your audience.

Click on the Apps icon inside your event room.

Select the Handouts app in the list of your enabled apps.

The Handouts app will open in the sidebar allowing you to drag and drop your file or browse your folders to find it.

Your file must not exceed 200MB.

Once uploaded, you can then Publish your file. You can also Rename it or Delete it by clicking on the next to the green Publish button.

Your audience can now Download your file from the Handouts app as well.
Files are shared across all the sessions of this event.

Once available for download, by clicking on the  you'll be able to Unpublish your file, Rename it or Delete it.

That's it! You can now start sharing files in your event room. 🎉

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