Get an Automated Transcription of Your Event with Transcript

With our Transcript app, you can have transcripts of the speeches in the sidebar of your room in order to follow along with what is being said during your event. 

Also, you will be able to keep a written record of the speakers' speech as you can export it right away. It allows you to easily create meeting recaps and send them for language analysis if needed. 

Furthermore, in terms of accessibility, transcripts will be useful for attendees with hearing impairments to follow along.

The speakers must be using Chrome in order to get their speech transcripted as it's powered by Google. The transcripts won't work with speakers using other browsers.

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Transcript Specifications

  • The Transcript app only works with speakers on a Chrome browser.
  • You can only transcribe in one language at a time - the language of the event (DashboardEvent > Settings > General > Language).
  • We recommend using headphones/earphones for better accuracy.
  • You don't need to start your event to start transcribing.
  • Transcript automatically stops when you end your event.
  • You can download the transcript file in either plain text (.txt) or comma-separated values (.csv).

Enable Transcript in Your Event Room

To be able to use Transcript in your event room, you first need to enable it.

Go to the  App marketplace either from your dashboard or by clicking on the Apps icon inside your event room.
From your dashboard:

From your event room:

Click on the Transcript card you want to enable.

Enable the app.

Your Transcript app is now activated in your event room! 🎉

Use Transcript in Your Event Room

Once you've enabled Transcript in your event room, it's very easy to use. 

Click on the Apps icon inside your event room.

Select the Transcript app in the list of your enabled room apps.

The Transcript app will open in the sidebar allowing you to enable it.

Click on Start transcription and that's it!

You can start transcribing before you start your event but the app will automatically stop at the same time as you end your event.
You can now see the transcripts appearing as long as the presenters speak. 🎉

Your attendees have the same view without the Start/Stop transcription button and access it the same way Apps > Transcript.
You can stop/pause the transcripts at any time by clicking on Stop transcription.

Download Your Event Transcripts

You can download the transcripts at any time during the event by clicking on the download icon at the top right corner of the sidebar. The file is available in either plain text (.txt) or comma-separated values (.csv).

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