Livestorm Meet: Overview

Livestorm Meet is a browser-based online video meeting software. We provide you with an all-in-one video suite so you can have all of your webinars and meetings in one place 🎉

You can access your instant meetings from the left sidebar :

You can access your scheduled meetings from the left sidebar under Events :

Meeting types

On Livestorm Meet, you can create meeting rooms to hold online sessions. There are two types of meeting rooms:

Room capacity

Our free plan accommodates up to 4 attendees in a meeting room. If you opt for our Premium plan, you can have up to 12 attendees in your meeting rooms. We support one screen sharing at a time for both plans.


Livestorm Meet is accessible through a computer and mobile/tablet devices. 

For instant meetings, you must connect via a computer and one of the following browsers:  

  • Chrome v. 54+ (best 65+)
  • Firefox v. 52+ (best 60+)
  • Opera v. 41+ 
  • Safari v. 12.1+
  • Microsoft Edge v.79+
  • OR via mobile with iOS 12.1+ (on Safari) or Android 📱

For scheduled meetings, please see our Technical Requirements (applies to both webinars + scheduled meetings). 

Please note that our dial-in feature ☎️ is not yet supported in Meet.

Instant meetings

Our instant meeting rooms provide a great way to host quick video sessions with your collaborators, prospects, and customers. No registration required. Just share the link to your meeting room with anyone and jump in the meeting room. 

Feel free to check out our dedicated documentation to learn more 👉 Instant Meetings

Scheduled meetings (in private beta)

Our scheduled meetings feature allows you to fetch your event types from Calendly and schedule meetings. With this feature, you can then benefit from enriched data on your invitees, equipped meeting rooms, email reminders, follow-ups and much more.

Start setting up your scheduled meetings by taking a look at the articles below:


Feel free to check out our dedicated article for more information on our pricing: Meet Premium: Pricing and Plans