Create Your Event in Outlook Calendar

Our Outlook Calendar integration allows you to create Livestorm events directly from your Outlook Calendar and have them fully synchronized afterward. You'll be able to edit and join your virtual events with just a few clicks directly from your Outlook Calendar. This is perfect for creating your online meetings!

Our Outlook Calendar integration is in private beta at the moment. Send us an email at to have it activated in your account. 👌🏼

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Outlook Calendar Integration Specifications

  • By default, the speaking permission of the Livestorm event you're creating in Outlook Calendar is set to "Everyone can speak".
  • If you create recurring events in Outlook Calendar, you will be able to get an access link to your Livestorm room, access the room for each session, and invite guests for each session, but you won't be able to see all the sessions in your Livestorm dashboard at the moment. You will only see the first session and will have to rely on your Outlook Calendar for recurring events.
  • The Outlook Calendar integration doesn’t support group emails such as “”. It won’t register people in the group and will register “” as if it was a single registrant. That could lead to issues since everyone in the group will receive the same access link and on Livestorm several people can't be connected with the same link. It's one access link per person.

Enable Outlook Calendar Integration

To use Outlook Calendar with Livestorm, you first need to enable the Outlook Calendar integration in Livestorm. Just follow those few steps:

Go to your Livestorm  Account settings> My personal apps.

Click on the Outlook Calendar card to open the side panel.

Click on Sign in with Microsoft to activate the Outlook Calendar integration.

Sign in to your Microsoft account and allow access to your Livestorm account.

The integration is now activated! 🎉

If you create a Livestorm event on Outlook Calendar when the integration isn't enabled, your event won't be synchronized!

Create an Event in Outlook Calendar

Now that you've enabled the Outlook Calendar integration, you can start creating your events from your Outlook Calendar.

In your Outlook Calendar, click either on New event or on the slot where you want to create your Livestorm event.

Edit the information about your event with #livestorm in the location field and Save it.
The hashtag #livestorm will generate a Livestorm link and will synchronize the data in your Outlook Calendar with your Livestorm account once you've saved your event.

Your event is now updated with the access link to your Livestorm event.
Refresh your page if you don't see the access link. 👌🏼

Your event is also available on your Livestorm dashboard and has an Outlook Calendar icon next to it which means it's synchronized with Outlook.

You can verify that your event is well synchronized with your Outlook Calendar on the event dashboard itself.

When you edit your event in your Livestorm dashboard and click on Save updates and sync, the changes will directly appear in your Outlook Calendar. As it's a 2-way synchronization, all the changes that you will make on your Outlook Calendar will be automatically modified in your event in your Livestorm dashboard. 

The event title, description, start and end date (duration in Livestorm), and  guest list are synchronized between Livestorm and Outlook Calendar.  👌
Adding guests to your Livestorm event from Outlook Calendar will automatically add them as registrants to the Livestorm event. And vice sera,  registrants to your Livestorm event will automatically be added to your Outlook Calendar guest list. 🙌
Deleting your event from your Livestorm dashboard will delete it in your Outlook Calendar and vice versa.
In your Livestorm Calendar, you can easily spot your events synchronized with Outlook Calendar as they are grey. Non-synchronized events are blue. 👌🏼

Join an Event From Outlook Calendar

Joining your Livestorm event directly from your Outlook Calendar is super easy and takes only 2 clicks!

Click on your Livestorm event in your Outlook Calendar.
Click on the URL and that's it you're in your event room! 🎉

Unsynchronize Your Event From Outlook Calendar

You can unsynchronize your Livestorm event from Outlook Calendar by disabling the integration.

Go to your Livestorm  Account settings My personal apps.

Click on the Outlook Calendar card to open the side panel.

Click on Disable app to unsynchronize the Outlook Calendar integration with Livestorm.

The integration is now disabled and your event is no longer synchronized with your Outlook Calendar.

All the edits you will make on either your Outlook Calendar or your Livestorm dashboard won't be synchronized with one another anymore.
You can verify that your event is well unsynchronized with your Outlook Calendar on the event dashboard itself.

Now that you know everything about our Outlook Calendar integration, you can start using it! Enjoy! 😊
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