Create Your Event With Chili Piper

Chili Piper enables sales teams to book easily with prospects as soon as they express interest in a meeting. By connecting Livestorm and Chili Piper together, you and your team members can have a Livestorm event automatically added as a video conferencing app for your calendar event generated by Chili Piper. This is useful if you want to use all the power of Livestorm and in particular, the native analytics features to better understand your attendees’ behavior.

This feature is in public beta at the moment. Don't hesitate to contact us at to give us feedback to help us improve it!

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Enable a Calendar Integration on Livestorm

Since the Livestorm integration with Chili Piper relies on a calendar connection, you need to activate a calendar integration on both tools

On the Livestorm side, therefore choose your favorite calendar app: Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, and enable the activation thanks to the direct connection to your personal account.

Enable the Calendar on Chili Piper

To be able to use Livestorm with Chili Piper, you need to enable your calendar on Chili Piper:

Click on your name at the bottom left and go to the Integrations section.
Find the same calendar type enabled on your Livestorm account (Google Calendar or Outlook) and click on the Connect button. Be sure to use the same account you have used on Livestorm! 😉

Configure the Chili Piper Meeting Types With Livestorm

The last step to make Chili Piper work with Livestorm is to configure the Chili Piper meeting types.

There are 3 different ways to add Livestorm as your video conferencing tool. You can use either the location field, the conference detail field, or the custom option.

Go to Meeting Types and open the meeting type where you want to have Livestorm as a video conferencing tool.
Go to the Calendar invite section on the meeting type page and look for the Meeting Location field. You have then 3 different ways to add Livestorm as video conferencing tool. Use one of them.
Your meeting settings are automatically saved on Chili Piper.  👌
  • Use the Location Field
  • In the text input box, simply enter the keyword #livestorm.

  • Use the Conference Details
  • In the text input box, simply enter the keyword #livestorm.

  • Use the Custom Option
  • In the text input box, use the dynamic tag {CP.Me.Conference.Details} and then enter simply the keyword #livestorm in the conference details section on your personal details.

    Make sure to use the dynamic tag {CP.Me.Conference.Details} at least one time inside your meeting description as presented in the example below.

    And that’s all, you’re all set! 🎉 Next time a meeting (matching the meeting type configured above) will be booked on Chili Piper, you and your attendee will receive a calendar invitation and the Livestorm video conferencing link will automatically be added to the calendar event 5 minutes later. Your attendee will also receive their personal link to enter the Livestorm event room by email.

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