Invite Someone to Participate During Your Event

You can have up to  25 simultaneous speakers on stage (or 24 speakers if you have 1 shared media) in your room.

Each speaker (with or without webcam) and each screen share counts as 1 stream

You can only share 1 media at a time (PDF, Video, Google fileFigma fileMiro Whiteboard...).

It's up to you to decide how you'd like to allocate the streams. For example, you can have:

  • up to 25 speakers with or without webcam (up to 25 streams)
  • 24 speakers with or without webcam (24 streams) + 1 media
  • 12 speakers with or without webcams and screen sharing (24 streams) + 1 media

In order to participate (to share their webcam/microphone), the users need to be using Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari (12.1+) or Edge (79+) on a computer. You may also use some versions of mobile/tablet devices.

To invite someone to participate during your event, you can either do it from the Chat tab or from the People tab. All you have to do is click on the next to a profile and click on Invite to participate.

You can only invite people to participate that are connected (green dot).

By doing this, you will send an invite to that person. They will need to Accept the invite and will be prompted to configure their audio/video to participate afterward.

For privacy reasons and better event management,  no one can enable the camera or unmute the microphone of someone else. Each person must manage their own stream/speaking settings. They will either need to do it themselves or you can request them to do it.

Event contributors can join to participate themselves by clicking on the Participate button found in the event room. They don't have to be invited to participate.

If the guests you want to invite are in compatibility mode, you will not be able to able to send an invitation to request them to participate.

To cancel an invitation to participate, click again on the next to a profile, either from the Chat tab or from the People tab, and click on Cancel invite.

If the room is already full with 25 speakers (or 25 streams), one will have to be removed to let a new guest participate. To remove a stream, whether it's yours or someone else's, click on the X on the top right corner of the stream and then confirm. You can then participate again with the Participate button. If you want your guests to participate again, you will have to resend them an invite.

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