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How to block someone from the event room

You can click on the ••• icon next to a profile either on the Chat tab or the People tab. This will display the option to Block. Just click to ban that person from your event.

Who can block people out of the event room?

In order to block someone from your event, you must have moderation rights. This means that any team member or guest speaker assigned to the event can kick people out. 

What happens when you block someone?

They will be disconnected from the event immediately and won't be able to join any event room again.

Note: They will remain a registrant (visible in your People dashboard) and receive any event emails you have enabled. However, when they click on their access link, they will not be allowed in the room.

Note: you can "unblock" someone by clicking on the same button again.

How to delete a message or a question

Same thing here, just pick a different option in the dropdown next to a message or a question in the questions tab.

How to edit an answer in the Questions tab

You've submitted an answer to a question, but you'd like to edit it for numerous reasons, an overlooked typo, missing information, etc. Easy, just click on the ••• icon next to your answer and click "Edit answer".

Why are there participants in the room even though I have not started the event?

Sometimes, before you start the event, you will see people connected to the room, but don't worry, they cannot access the room or see you. 

  • If they have the green dot next to their name, they are connected and on the waiting page. The waiting page will show a countdown until the start of the event and as soon as you start the event, the page will automatically become the event room, they don't need to refresh their page.
  • If the dot is grey, they are not connected. They have connected at least once to the event, fell on the waiting page, and closed the window.

Moderating the stage and speakers

Join stage

Joining the stage means you can share your webcam, audio, and/or screen to your audience. Please read our article on how to Manage webcam & screensharing for the step by step instructions 📷

Team members such as hosts and moderators, but also guest speakers who are assigned to the event, will have the option to join stage proactively. 

Invite on stage

Hosts, moderators and guest speakers can invite other people on stage, as well as remove anyone from stage.

Enable camera or unmute microphone

For privacy reasons and better event management, no one can enable the camera or unmute the microphone of someone else. Each person must manage their own stream/stage settings. They will either need to do it themselves or you can request them to do it.

Hosts, moderators and guest speakers have the possibility to ask other people on stage to enable their camera or unmute their microphone thanks to the three little vertical dots next to their name.

They will receive a message (and a notification sound) so they can either accept by clicking on "Enable camera / Unmute microphone" or "Decline".

Sharing and removing from stage

Hosts, moderators, and guest speakers can also control what is shared during the event. They can each: 

  • share their own screen
  • share a media
  • share a whiteboard
  • remove their own or someone else's shared screen from stage (but only the person sharing their screen can control their own screen)
  • remove their own or someone else's media from stage
  • control the video player for a shared media (MP4/youtube)
  • pass slides for a shared media (PDF)

Please read more here on the Differences between roles.

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