Manage the Streams in Your Event Room

In this article, we will cover everything about stream management in the event room. Just click on Event room at the top right of your event's dashboard to join the room. All contributors can go into the event room at any time!


Stream Layout

If there is no maximized stream, the layout of your streams depends on the size of your window browser and on the number of streams. 

For example, if you have 2 people participating, on a large browser window, the stream layout will look like this:

If you reduce the size of your window, the stream layout will be modified but it will only be applied to you.

The side-by-side layout will be the one displayed on your replay.

Minimize or Maximize a Stream

If you want everyone in the room to be focused on a specific stream, you will need to minimize or maximize a stream.

Minimizing or maximizing a stream affects the display for everyone in the room!

In order to minimize or maximize a stream:

  • Hover the stream you want to minimize/maximize
  • Click on the minimize/maximize icon at the top right corner of the stream.

A stream is maximized by default when a screen or media is shared.

For better event management, you might want to designate in advance who will be in charge of minimizing and maximizing streams.

Go to Fullscreen Mode

Going to fullscreen mode doesn't affect the display for everyone. It will only be applied to you.

The fullscreen mode lets you take full advantage of your entire screen.

In order to go to fullscreen mode:

  • Click on the Fullscreen icon at the bottom right corner of the room.

Once in fullscreen mode, a floating dock shows up at the bottom of your screen. 

In addition to the usual options, the fullscreen mode dock allows you to:

  • Drag it around and place it wherever you want on your screen
  • Start event
  • Open the side pane
  • Leave the fullscreen mode (you can also press "esc" on your keyboard).

The fullscreen mode is not available on mobile browsers.

Resize Streams

Resizing streams allows you to manually adapt the size of the streams while on focus mode (a stream is maximized).

Resizing streams doesn't affect the display for everyone. It will only be applied to you.

If a stream is on focus mode, the resize bar will show up to be able to resize streams. The resize bar will not be displayed if no stream is maximized.

In order to resize streams:

  • Click on the resize bar in between the maximized stream and the minimized ones
  • Drag the resize bar to resize the streams as you want them to be.

Please note that the focused stream can't be smaller than the minimized ones.

If you want to only focus on the maximized stream, you can totally hide the minimized ones by dragging the resize bar to the bottom.

Resizing streams won't be seen in the replay of the event.

Remove a Stream

To remove a stream, simply click on the X at the top right corner of the stream.

Removing a stream will be applied to everyone in the room.

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