Manage Webcam & Screen Sharing

In this post, we will cover everything about the streams management in the webinar room. If you feel lost in the webinar room, this is a good place to start. Once your webinar is published, you can go to the webinar room. Just click on "Enter webinar room" at the top of your webinar dashboard.


States of your webinar room

First, let's look at the top of your webinar room. As explained in  this post, contributors can join the webinar room before it starts. But all the attendees won't see you until you click on the green "Start webinar" button. Your top bar should look like this:

Note the label "Not started yet". This label indicates the current state of the stream. When you have the "Not started yet" label you are in what we call a green room. A preparation room if you prefer.

This is what you have when you start the webinar:

The live label indicates that you are streaming live and that everybody in the webinar room can see you or hear you.

How to activate your webcam

When you join in the webinar room for the very first time, you will have to allow your browser to access to your webcam and microphone. This is very important: you must accept it otherwise you won't be able to share your video with your attendees.

Click on "Allow" to allow access:

Also,  every time  you enter the webinar room for the first time, you will be prompted with a popup like this one:

You can choose your settings before jumping on stage. You can choose your webcam (or disable it!) and your microphone. Watch the green bar on the side to see if there's any sound captured.

Next time you enter the room we will keep the same settings. If you want to change those settings just click on the gear icon (first on the right of the dock).

At the bottom of the screen, there are 4 buttons, this is what we call the "dock". It enables you to control your streams. Click on each icon to disable/enable your webcam or your microphone and your screen sharing:

Use an external webcam or microphone

If you have an external webcam or microphone on your computer (for example an external USB microphone or webcam), you can easily switch them by clicking on the little gear icon at the right of the dock.

A popup will open, you will be able to change settings like this:

If the external device does not appear in the select menu, refresh the window first and open the device settings again. Your device should be present now.

Use the screen sharing

Screen sharing is great for presenting a power point or a software and have it recorded in the replay. In a few clicks, you can share everything happening on any app or on your entire screen. Click on the screen icon (3rd one from the left) at the bottom of the screen:

To use the screen sharing you have to use our Chrome extension. If the extension is not installed, we will display a notification pop up asking to download the extension. Once you have installed it, you don't need to reload the page, just click on the screen icon again (picture above).

This will trigger a popup. You can share your entire screen (if you have an extra monitor) or just share a window or an application:

To properly share a presentation please refer to this tutorial. We cover every tip and trick to share a presentation with your attendees.