The Lobby of Your Event Room

When you share the event link directly to your attendees from your dashboard or from your event room, they will land on the lobby without having to go through the registration page. You and your team members will also go through it before entering the event room.

The lobby display varies according to who's joining. Your team members will be able to choose their devices and virtual background before participating in the room. On the other hand, your attendees will have to fill in your registration form with the fields you've set up.

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The Lobby: Team Members View

When you and your team members will join the event room, you might have to log in to your Livestorm workspace if you're not logged in yet. Otherwise, you'll directly be able to set up your devices and virtual background to participate in the event or you can just watch the event.

The lobby if you're not logged in to your Livestorm account

The lobby when you're logged in to your Livestorm account

Choose your camera device
Choose your mic device
Mute your mic
Turn off your camera
Choose a virtual background
Watch or participate in the event

The Lobby: Attendees View

When sending the event link to your attendees, they will be able to access the lobby without registering from the registration page. They will have to fill in the same fields that you've set up in your registration page (mandatory and custom ones) though and will be able to access the event once you start it.

If the event hasn't started, they will be redirected to a waiting page after filling in the registration form.

When the email adress field is mandatory, your attendees will have to confirm it by clicking on the link they will receive in their inbox. They will then be redirected to your event room straight away (or to the waiting page if the event hasn't started). 👌

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