Add a Virtual Background

Virtual backgrounds will keep your attendees focus on you. This feature allows you to blur anything behind you or to display a background image during your events. Whether you are in the office, in a coworking space, or at home, your participants will not see what is behind you.

The feature is available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

You can either choose your background before participating in the event or change your background while in the event by clicking on the Audio/Video settings button at any time. 

You have the option between 3 levels of blurring, virtual imagescolored backgrounds or you can even choose your own background image by clicking on +. It is up to you to decide which one suits you best depending on the type of your event.

Our background images have the following dimension: 1280x720px. We recommend using the same ratio if you use your own background images.

Livestorm Tip 👉 Avoid wearing clothing that is the same color as your virtual background. 😉

The feature isn't available on Instant Meetings.

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