Webinar Replay

Replay is available after each webinar. Once you click on "End webinar" the webinar will be compiled and automatically available after max 1min.  The video file will be available directly in the webinar room and you will be able to download the file in the "replay" tab on your dashboard. We'll record the first two hours of your session.

Why can't I get a replay in full HD?

We are working on improving the replay so that you can get a better replay. So far they are limited to 480p

We have a new replay in beta that'll record your session in HD. Ping us in the chat or shoot us an email at hello@livestorm.co so we can activate it for your account ;)

However, you must know that the video quality will always be impacted by your average upload connection (if you can't upload properly an HD stream you won't get an HD stream).

If you are screen sharing, you can zoom in your application or web browser to maximize the quality. But the best way to have an HD replay is to record locally using a third party software such as Screenflow or use a Virtual Webcam software like ManyCam or XSplit .

Who can watch the replay?

The replay is available inside the webinar room after you end the webinar — unless you have disabled the recording in your webinar settings or asked us to remove it from our database. You can also download it in your webinar dashboard, under "replay" once the webinar is over.

Replays are only available for participants that have at least registered for the webinar. Registrants who did not join the webinar will still receive a link to access the room and watch the replay.