Restreaming Your Event on Multiple Platforms

Who can use this feature?Who can use it? Host, Moderator

Which Pricing Plan?On which plans? Business as a paid add-on, Enterprise as a paid add-on

With the restreaming feature, you can share your event simultaneously on multiple external platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. while it's live. This can help target wider audiences and generate greater visibility beyond just Livestorm, sharing your content through external channels at the same time.

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Specifications for Restreaming

  • You must publish and start your event in order to see your screen streamed on each destination.
  • Recording of your event is automatically enabled for restreaming to work. 
  • Unlike with RTMP Streaming, you can:
    - have multiple speakers
    - invite someone to speak
    - share your screen, presentation, video, and media files during the event 
  • Each streaming destination will be automatically configured for any future sessions that you add to an event. 
  • Streaming destinations cannot be added or deleted during an event. They must be configured in your settings ahead of time. 
  • You cannot stream any Livestorm specific actions, such as CTAs or polls. 
  • You can have up to 5 streams  for any one event! 
  • You can't collect statistics on views, etc., outside of Livestorm, only those that are directly linked to your event and engagement within the platform.
  • You also don't consume extra Monthly Active Contacts when people view this event outside of Livestorm.
  • To stream to a secondary Livestorm event room, you will need RTMP and must be on an Enterprise plan.
  • When an error occurs in the room, the host will see a popup message appear, indicating "There's an error. Please go to the dashboard to reconfigure and try again."
  • If an error occurs in the setup of one restreaming destination, none of the additional ones for that session will function.

Set Up Your Restreaming in Event Settings

You can configure the restreaming feature in your settings ahead of time.

Add a Streaming Destination

After you create your event, click on Settings from the top navigation bar and scroll down to Video Settings.
In video settings, scroll down to Streaming Destinations and click on Add destination.
In the side bar, choose the streaming platform that you’d like to use and input the Server and Stream key where necessary. If you are unsure about your stream key, click on the Get Stream Key button to the right, underneath the streaming platform that you desire to use.

You can have up to 5 streams configured for any one event!

Livestorm Tip 👉 If you don’t see the streaming platform you want, choose the  Custom option and add your own by inserting its Server and Stream Key.

Click on Create Destination and your platform will show up under the Streaming Destinations section of the settings.

Make sure your event is published before launching your restreams!

Remove a Streaming Destination

Under Streaming Destinations, click on the encircled dash sign to the right of the destination that you wish to delete.
Confirm that you want to delete this destination.

Start Your Restreaming

After configuration, each streaming destination is displayed in your event room before and during your event.

You will see your chosen streaming platform icons displayed in the top right-hand corner of your event room.

Click on Start Event. Your event video will then show up on each platform’s streaming service.

Once you have verified your destinations in your event room and started your event, make sure to click on Go live in each chosen platform. 

You must go through each platform one by one to start your restreaming.

And you're live! 🎉

It is normal to have a 5 second lag between your Livestorm event and your external restreaming.

This is what your event room will look like in Livestorm while you're restreaming:

This is what your restream will look like on an external platform (Facebook here as an example):

You cannot add or delete any streaming destinations once your event is started! They must be configured in your event settings ahead of time.

Stop Your Restreaming

There are two ways to stop your restreaming.

Stop All Streams

To end your restreaming and your event at the same time, click on End Event in your Livestorm event room. This will automatically stop restreaming in all other destinations.

It is possible to stop restreaming on each platform independently, at any time during the event.

Stop an Individual Stream

If you want to end an external restreaming, but not your Livestorm event, you must stop your live directly in that external platform.

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