Create a Public Event to Smooth the Access to Your Room

Would you like to create an event that your attendees can access in one click? It’s the perfect solution to spread your brand awareness and reach a much wider audience! Public events also open up other possibilities, such as open office hours events and huddle meetings. 

Indeed, by creating a public event, everyone will be able to join the room through the same and single access link without filling out a registration form.

For customers under a plan with monthly active contacts, anyone joining the event without an email address will be counted as an additional active contact.

In your event Settings, go to Registration to modify your registration page.
The email, first name, and last name fields are ticked as required by default.
To remove all the fields from your event's registration page, delete them by clicking on the - sign next to each field.

Nevertheless, you can still add required or optional fields according to your needs.

As your light and detailed registration pages will not display any registration field, your attendees will only have to click on the Join event button to join the event.

Yes, it's as simple as that to create a public event. So now, it's your turn to do so! 🎉

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