Connect OBS With Livestorm

OBS is free and open-source software for video recording and streaming. This virtual studio allows you to go from basic video and audio setups to more creative and professional ones. 

In this article, we'll show you how to connect OBS with Livestorm to enrich your online events with your audience and have more video and audio flexibility.

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  • You will be streaming with WebRTC 1080p quality (Full HD).

Use OBS as a Virtual Camera in Your WebRTC Livestorm Events

Configure OBS Virtual Camera

Before adding your OBS Virtual camera to Livestorm, you first need to configure your OBS studio.

Download the latest OBS version to make sure you have all the latest software updates.

Open OBS, make sure your Scene is selected, and click on the + to add a Video Capture Device.
You can add several scenes with different sources to switch from one to another during your event. You can also add different sources in one single scene. OBS enables you to have a multitude of layouts according to your needs. 👌

Rename your Video Capture device name if necessary and click on OK to save it.

Select your camera device in the menu and click on OK to save it.

In the preview, check if it is the camera image you want to display and click on OK.

The camera image might not be the same size as the canvas. Select the image (it's surrounded by red when selected) and drag it to the desired size.

You're now ready to click on Start Virtual Camera to use it in your Livestorm event room. Whatever is displayed in OBS will be able to be displayed in your Livestorm event room. As easy as that! 🙌

Add OBS Virtual Camera to Your Livestorm Event

After you've configured your OBS Virtual Camera, you can add it to your Livestorm Event room.

Go to your Event room.

In the camera device menu, select your OBS Virtual Camera.

Click on Join event and participate.

That's it! You're OBS Virtual Camera is now being displayed in your Livestorm Event room! 🎉
As a presenter, you will see that your image is being mirrored in your Livestorm event room, but don't worry, your attendees will see exactly the same layout as in your OBS studio.


If you don't see your OBS Virtual Camera in your Livestorm camera device options menu, you can:

  • Restart your browser (check our list of compatible browsers).
  • Check if the Start Virtual Camera button is pressed.
  • Delete the "Video capture device" from your OBS sources and add it again.

Use OBS for RTMP Streaming in Your Livestorm Events

To host full HD resolution (up to 1080p) events, you can enable RTMP streaming in your Livestorm events. 

👉 Please read our full dedicated article about RTMP streaming.

This feature is only available in private beta at the moment. However, you can contact our support team at to activate it on your workspace if needed.

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