How Do I Add Contributors to My Webinar?


What is a contributor?

There are two kinds of contributors: team members and guest speakers. Both have moderation rights to moderate each webinar or session that they are assigned to. They can help you manage your webinars for a smooth webinar sailing โ›ต๏ธ

You can either pick an existing one (from your team or a previous webinar) or create a new one by clicking on "+add a team member" or "+add a guest speaker".

Our pricing is per host, but moderators and guest speakers are free and unlimited ๐Ÿ‘Œ

How to add team members

Step 1 - Add them to your team

You can add team members to your Livestorm account in your Account settings > Team members. When you add them to your Livestorm account, you can select from one of two main roles: Host and Moderator. (More information about How to add team members)

Step 2 - Add them to your webinar

Once a team member has accepted the invitation and created their account, you can then assign them to your webinar. When you create a new webinar, you can add them right from the side panel. You'll be able to select them when you click " +add a team member" :

The team members will be added to all of the sessions that you create at the same time. You can always edit your team members for each session later on.

Step 3 - (if needed) Add them to individual sessions

Have different team members assisting you in different sessions? You can now assign team members to individual webinar sessions! 

You can assign different team members to different sessions from the Sessions side pane (Sessions > edit session > Team members). 

You'll be able to select them when you click " +add a team member" :

Then just make sure to Save updates and you're all set!

Moderators or guest speakers will not be able to start or end the webinar, but they can help you manage and moderate the webinar. 

How to add guest speakers

If you want to add contributors to your webinar, but not give them access to your webinars dashboard, you can add them as Guest speakers. Guest speakers typically apply in cases you'd like to invite people outside of your company to speak at your webinar.

You can add Guest speakers by editing an existing session :

Then fill out their information :

Then Save data! They'll receive their confirmation email as soon as you publish the webinar or as soon as they're added if the webinar is already published๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ


Check the highlight option to have your contributors displayed on the registration page.

What rights do contributors have?

Contributors have full webinar moderation rights. They can:

  • Enter the webinar room before the webinar room starts so they can run tests beforehand. 
  • Join the stage to share their webcam or microphone with the audience. 
  • Send a CTA, publish polls (team members only), share a media, reply back to questions...
  • Delete chat messages, kick people out, remove people from stage, mute people...

This works great for your team members and guest speakers who will help manage and moderate the webinar. 

Bear in mind that only hosts can create, edit, start or end webinars. Moderators and guest speakers do not have these rights Please see our article Differences Between Roles for a detailed list of rights.

How do contributors log in/access the webinar?

Team members

 Assigned team members can access the webinar room right from their Livestorm dashboard.

Guest speakers 

Added speakers join the webinar room before it starts through their personal access link they'll receive by email. 

  • If your webinar is published, they will receive their confirmation email as soon as you add them. 
  • If the webinar is not published yet, they will receive the confirmation email once it is published.

Please see all of the details in our article: How to Log in to the Webinar

How many contributors can you have?

๐Ÿ†“. Team member (moderators) are free and unlimited! You may add as many as you need!

๐Ÿ†“. Guest speakers are also free and unlimited!

Each paid subscription includes one host. You may add as many additional hosts as you need, however our pricing is per host, so each additional host incurs an add-on fee. 

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