How Do I Add Contributors?


What is a contributor?

Do you have a guest? Do you want someone to manage your audience, questions, polls? Then add a contributor! They will not be able to start or end the webinar, but they can help you manage and moderate the webinar. 

How to add contributors

You can either pick an existing one (from a previous webinar) or create a new one:

  • If your webinar is published, they will receive their confirmation email as soon as you add them. 
  • If the webinar is not published yet, they will receive the confirmation email once it is published. 


The options are: Admin, Guest, Speaker, Team member

These are just for display and do not impact anything. It is informative and semantic.

Moderation rights

Check the moderator option to give moderation rights such as the ability to delete a message, exclude an attendee, send polls, go on stage without being invited, etc. 


Check the highlight option to have them displayed on the registration page and listed in the emails.

What rights do contributors have?

Contributors can enter the webinar room before the webinar room starts so they can run tests beforehand. They need to be invited on stage in order to share their webcam or mic with the audience. This is great for external speakers. 

Moderator contributors can go on stage whenever they'd like, remove streams, disable/enable the webcam/mic of the host/contributors, and more! This works great for your team members and speakers who will help manage and moderate the webinar. 

Please see our article Differences Between the Host and Contributors for a detailed list of rights.

How do contributors login/access the webinar?

Contributors access the webinar just like an attendee would. They can click on their access link in the confirmation or reminder emails or login from the registration page with their access key and email address. Please see all of the details here on How to Login to the Webinar 🙂