Logging in to the Webinar & Connection Credentials

How do I log in to the webinar?

Team members Log in to your account > Select your webinar > Click "Access webinar room"
Guest speakers Click on your access link sent via email (see here)
Attendees Click on your access link sent via email (see here)

Troubleshooting FAQ

I can't enter the webinar room as a team member. Why?

Are you assigned to the webinar as a contributor? Even if you're added to the team, you still need to be assigned to the session to have access to the webinar room. Team members will see this message when they try to access the room of a session they are not assigned to :

Only team members with a host role can access the webinar settings, and assign contributors to a webinar.  So if you don't have rights to access the webinar settings page, please get in touch with your host so they can add you as a contributor.

Hosts will get this message when they try to access the room :

Hosts can auto-assign themselves to the webinar room to gain access.

How to assign team members to a webinar/session

The host can assign team members to a webinar by editing the webinar session 👌 ( Sessions > hover over a session and click Edit > + add a team member):

Once assigned to the webinar/session, you can enter the room from your dashboard by clicking on one of the "Access webinar room" options:

I can't start my webinar as a host. Why?

If you log in to your webinar room to start the webinar and don't see the "Start webinar" button (see below), it means that you are not connected to the webinar as a host. 

Please close all windows, connect to your  host  account, go to your webinar, and access the webinar from your dashboard:

Remember, only team members with the "host" role can start and end a webinar. Plus, as a host, you must access the webinar room via your Livestorm account.

The room keeps loading when I try to log in. What should I do?

Check out our troubleshooting steps listed here: Trouble logging in?

What does "force connection" mean?

Only one person per email address can be logged in to a webinar room at any time. This applies to everyone: team members, guest speakers and attendees. If someone else tries to log in to a webinar with your credentials (or you try to login with a second browser/device/tab), they will see this error message:  

In this case you can always click " Force connection" and enter the webinar room. This will log out the last person / device connected to the webinar room through your account automatically.

Only for testing purposes: If you'd like to log in to the webinar room from the same computer with different accounts for testing, please make sure to open your second login by using the  incognito mode (private window) of your browser. This way you won't get this message.

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