How Registrants Log in to the Event


Your access link is your direct, unique link to access the webinar that you've registered for. 

  • If webinar has started: when you click on your access link, you'll be directed straight into the webinar room. 
  • If the webinar hasn't started yet: you'll be directed to a waiting page with a countdown until the webinar's start.  

What is an access key?

You won't need this to enter the webinar, but it is a 4-digit code that is part of your access link. 

The webinar host can resend you your access link if you don't receive the emails, or you can resend your access link to yourself.

Registered for a webinar? Wondering how to access it? 

👉  Just click on the "Access webinar" button  👈

  • You should have received one confirmation email as soon as you registered for the webinar. 
  • You will receive two notification emailsone hour and five minutes before the start of the webinar (as long as the webinar host activated these). 
  • All three of these emails include your access link to enter the webinar room.

Didn't receive your confirmation email? 

  • Please contact the host of your webinar and ask them to resend your access link. 
  • Or contact us at and we can help you find it.
  • Did you unsubscribe from Livestorm emails? Just click on Manage my email preferences from the footer of a previous email to opt back in. 

Don't want to go searching through your emails for the access link? 

  • Contact the host of the webinar for a link to their registration page 
  • Click on Already registered? Resend my access link
  • Type in the email address you registered with
  • Click on Resend my access link
  • Check your email to retrieve your access link 🤙🏼

I've logged in via a method above but the webinar is not loading

If you've clicked on your access link but see an infinitely loading circle, this means that you are on a protected network or firewall. To fix this problem, you will need to:

1. Turn off the firewall or use a different network, or     
2. Use your mobile's 4G network or connect via mobile   

You can also check out our troubleshooting checklist ✅ 

* If you're the host of a webinar and want to give a registrant access, check our our article:  How Do I Resend Access Links?

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