I Cannot Login to a Webinar & Access Keys

An access link or a 4-digit access key is required to join a webinar room. These are found in the confirmation/reminder emails, and on the webinar dashboard (for hosts).

You and your participants may need to display the access keys of your participants in the following cases:

  • The participant has registered for your event, but s/he hasn't received the confirmation email.
  • The participant has registered for your event a long time ago, and it's difficult to find the confirmation email.
  • You'd like to display and share the access code with a participant upon their demand.

Ways to get the access key:

1) Email reminders: All email notifications are enabled by default when you create a new event. They'll receive two reminders, 1 hour and 5 minutes before the start of your event unless you've disabled it. These email reminders will include the access link and the 4 digit access code to enter the room. If they haven't received the confirmation email, no problem, they will receive all the remaining email reminders.

2) Registration page: You can recover the access key from the registration page. On the registration page, they can click on "Login to access", then "Lost your access key?". When they enter their email address they should receive an email including the access link 👍

3) People dashboard: As the host, you can also display the access codes of your participants on your People dashboard with active columns. You participants can enter the room by entering their email addresses and this 4 digit key on your registration page. You can also generate their personal access link like this: