Email Statuses

We display the status of all emails on your webinar dashboard (invites, reminders, etc.) directly from Livestorm. It will help you know for sure whether your registrants have received your emails. This way, if they haven't received them for some particular reason, you will know about it for sure!

Bear in mind that this feature applies to your registrants only- we won't display the email statuses of webinar contributors.

Also, the email statuses do not apply for custom email templates.

Email invitations

You can display the status of your email invitations. We even provide you information on exactly when they've last opened the invitation.

invite stats.pngEvent emails

On your People dashboard, you can actively see who received which email. No more second guessing 🍀

Email status- what does it mean?

  • Delivered: Email is delivered to a recipient.
  • Opened: Email is opened by a recipient.
  • Clicked: The recipient clicks the button to register for your event.
  • Deferred: The recipient mail server asked SendGrid (our mailing service) to stop sending emails so fast.
  • Bounced: When an email is attempted to be delivered, but the recipient mail server rejects it.
  • Unsubscribed: The recipient is unsubscribed from your emails.

An email status shows as Bounced?

  • Please contact us at to troubleshoot the cause. Most cases are due to spam filters or email server blocking. 
  • Meanwhile, you can resend them their access link, which will come from your own email client, so they will receive it.

An email status shows as Unsubscribed?

  • As a result of the GDPR, we cannot resubscribe registrants for you.
  • If a registrant wants to resubscribe, they will have to get in contact with us directly to do so.