Email Statuses

We display the status of our automatic emails in your dashboard (invites, reminders, etc.) directly from Livestorm. It will help you know for sure whether your registrants have received your emails. This way, if they haven't received them for some particular reason, you'll know about it for sure!

Bear in mind that this feature applies to your registrants only- we won't display the email statuses of your guest speakers.

Also, the email statuses do not yet apply for custom email templates. We currently track the statuses of our five automatic emails. If you have removed any of our automatic emails and added custom emails to your webinar, you'll see the status as Not Sent since the automatic email(s) have been removed. But your custom emails will still be delivered!

Email invitations

You can display the status of your email invitations. We even provide you information on exactly when they've last opened the invitation.

invite stats.pngEvent emails

In your People dashboard, you can select the active column for "Email Statuses" to see who received which email. No more second guessing 🍀

Email status- what does it mean?

  • Scheduled: Email is scheduled and will be sent at the specified time.
  • Processing: Email has been delivered on Livestorm's end.
  • Delivered: Email has been received by the recipient's email client.
  • Opened: Email has been opened by the recipient.
  • Clicked: The recipient has clicked the button to register for your event.
  • Deferred: The recipient's mail server asked our email vendor to stop sending emails so fast. Our vendor will keep trying to deliver the email for 48 hours.
  • Bounced: When an email has attempted to be delivered, but the recipient's mail server rejects it.
  • Unsubscribed: The recipient has clicked Unsubscribe from one of your email invitations or webinar emails.
  • Dropped: The registrant has previously unsubscribed, so the email was blocked. 
  • Not Sent: The host has removed this email (one of our five automatic emails) from this webinar's Settings and it will therefore not be sent. OR the host has started the event before the email was supposed to be sent. 

What to do when an email status shows as Bounced?

  • Please send us ( the email address of the registrant with the Bounced status so we can troubleshoot the cause. Most cases are due to spam filters or email server blocking. 
  • Meanwhile, you can resend them their access link, which will come from your own email client, so they will receive it.

What to do when an email status shows as Unsubscribed?

  • As a result of the GDPR, we cannot resubscribe registrants without their consent.
  • A registrant can click on Manage my email preferences from the footer of any previous email to opt back in to our invites and/or webinar emails themselves. If they have selected Opt out of all emails, they can also opt in themselves from the Manage my email preferences link.


Why does the status still show as Processing?

A status of Processing means that the email has been processed and delivered on Livestorm's end, and is waiting to be accepted by the recipient's email server/client. Sometimes their email server may have delays. Once the recipient's email server accepts the email, it will become officially Delivered

Why do emails bounce?

There are several reasons why an email can bounce! For example, it could due to a non-existant email, an undeliverable email (due to an email server misconfiguration), a full mailbox, a vacation/auto-responder, the email server blocking the email, and more. Feel free to check out this article as an example for more details. 

Why does it say my emails are disabled?

This means you have disabled one or more of our five automatic emails: confirmation, 1h reminder, 5min reminder, has or hasn't attended. We only track the status of these five default emails, so if any of them have been removed, you will see this message underneath the status: Email wasn't sent because it was disabled in the webinar settings. 

Where can I find the status of all my custom email templates?

For now, we do not track the email status of custom templates. The email statuses in the window only refer to our five automatic emails. 

Why is the envelope green but the status is red/unsubscribed?

This is because the email was successfully delivered but dropped as a result of their unsubscribe. 

What does this status mean? Email has been successfully delivered a few minutes ago. It might still be in the server queue.

As you can see, the overall status is Delivered. This message means that the email has been delivered on our end, but it may still be in the recipient's email server queue. The email needs to be accepted in order to be delivered on the recipient's end and sometimes the recipient's email server can encounter delays. The status message is simply the information they are sending us in regards to the email. It may be related to the configuration of their servers. Please keep in mind that when emails are delivered, sometimes it can take longer to actually be received depending on the recipient's email server queue.

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