Customize Your Registration Form

On Livestorm , you can customize your registration form to make sure you are getting the right data on your attendees upfront . We already have standard fields to help you get started, but you can create any custom field you need. Go to the registration settings in your webinar creation form.

Here's what you can do with our form builder:

Add standard fields

Click on " add a field" at the bottom of your form template to add new fields to your form.

Create custom fields (text inputs, selects, checkboxes)

If you'd like to customize your registration form even more, you can add your own custom fields! All you have to do is click " add a field", scroll down and choose "Create new field" at the bottom.

Once you click " Create new field" you can select if you want either a text answer or a multiple choice. For multiple choice questions, you can either collect one answer, or enable your registrants to select multiple choices.

For text questions, your registrants will be free to submit any answer they want.

Reorder the fields in your form

Just grab the left border of your fields and rearrange at will.

Mark certain fields mandatory

Your visitors will have to fill out that field to complete their registration.

👉 Note: email, first name and last name are mandatory by default for technical reasons. We need these three fields to complete any registration. 

Allow only work emails to register

You can choose to accept only work emails for your registrations. Activating this option is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to your  Webinar settings > Registration > Advanced settings. You'll see the option to accept work emails by checking the box below:

Add custom terms

As a result of the GDPR, which went into effect on May 25, 2018, anyone who wants to register for a webinar must agree to our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions on the registration page. 

You can add your own custom terms as well ! It's just like adding a custom field, except now you choose Consent:

When you add custom consents to your Terms, Privacy Policy, newsletters, etc , it will look something like this on your registration page ↓

You can see learn more about custom consent in our dedicated article 👉 How Do I Add My Own Custom Terms?

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