Host GDPR Compliant Events

GDPR is a regulation put in place in the EU on May 25, 2018. The goal of GDPR is to protect the data of users of internet software and services. Livestorm is 100% compliant 👌

Here's everything you need to know about Livestorm and GDPR.

Obligations as a Host

As a host, you have obligations regarding the data you collect via your live events:

  • Only request minimum data possible (data minimization) in your registration forms. Only ask what you will use.
  • Don't use the event invites feature for contacts that have not actively opt-in for your marketing emails.
  • Make sure the integrations you are using are GDPR compliant before sending personal data from your events.
  • Make sure that the nature of the data you ask is compliant with EU regulations.

Opt-in to Livestorm's Privacy Policy and Terms

You'll see our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions right out in the open in the registration form. 

Registrants will have to give their permission explicitly in order to complete their registration. We will stock the consent of our registrations as it's required by the GDPR. It looks like this ↓

Sending Registrations to Livestorm via Zapier

If you choose to opt for this method, please make sure to collect consent from your registrants to use their data. This is required if you will be using their data to register them yourself.

When collecting consent please don't forget to store the time, IP address, and the exact text of the consent for future references. 

Here's the consent your registrants have to give in order to register for your event on Livestorm:

Custom Consents

If you'd like to send additional emails to your registrants for any sales and marketing purposes, we recommend you to add your consent, so they can 'opt-in' to receive emails from you.

You can add your consent from your event registration settings. You will find more information in our related article 👉Add Your Own Custom Consents.

Additional GDPR related features

Feel free to check out our additional GDPR related features to learn more about managing your registrants' and your own data.

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