Deleting Your Workspace

So you've decided to delete your workspace? We'll be sad to see you go 😞

Only the workspace owner (the person who created the workspace) can delete the workspace. 

If you have a paid subscription, you'll be prompted to cancel your plan first. 

Once you've confirmed the cancellation, you can go back to your Workspace Profile to delete your account.

Upon deletion, all of your Livestorm data (participants, recordings, team members, stats, settings,...) will be permanently deleted. 

If you were a paying customer, Livestorm needs to keep certain data for financial obligations in accordance with the French Commercial Code:

Once you consent to both checkboxes, you can select a reason and click on "Yes. This is the end."

To be extra sure, you'll need to type in your workspace name to confirm the deletion.

That's it! You will be logged out and your account deleted ✌️ 

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