Recurring Events

Recurring events are great for events hosted regularly like product demos or training sessions. You can schedule multiple sessions for a recurring event in one sitting and your attendees will be able to pick a session on one registration page.



On your Events dashboard, you can see which of your events are recurring events if you have more than one session in the "Number of Sessions" column.

Click on a specific event and you'll have access to the Sessions tab where you have a quick overview of your upcoming/past sessions and see right away how many registrants you have per session.

Hover over a specific session to register someone manually, edit, view registrants or access the event room

Scheduling Multiple Sessions

You can schedule multiple sessions at once for your event or add sessions later on.

Click on + new session.

A side panel will open where you can add as many sessions as you need.

When you click on + add a session, it automatically selects a date one week later at the same time.

You can choose the date, the start time, and the timezone of your session.

The timezone of the session is the location that you will be running each session in. We will adapt and display the timezone according to the timezone of your visitors and registrants. So anyone who views your registration page will see the date/time of your event in their own timezone. Same for the date/time in the automatic emails. Everything is adapted automatically.

Editing / Renaming / Deleting Sessions

When you scroll over a session, you will see the Edit button. Click on it to edit, renamedelete or cancel your upcoming session.

You can choose a different name for each session. 👌🏼

If you have no registrants, you can delete the session.

We will ask you to confirm the deletion of the session.

If there are already registrants for a session, you won't be able to delete that specific session. Instead, you can cancel it. This way, all remaining emails will be canceled as well. If registrants try to connect to the event room for that session, they will be redirected to a page stating that the event is canceled.

We will ask you to confirm the cancellation of the session.

Adding Contributors

There are two kinds of contributors: team members and guest speakers. Both have moderation rights to moderate each event or session that they are assigned to. They can help you manage your events for a smooth event sailing ⛵️

🎙 Team members can be added when you create the event, or later on from the Sessions tab > Edit session. If you add multiple sessions at once, you can add the same team members to all of these sessions. Then you can individually modify each session to add team members who will contribute to one session but not another. 

🎙 Guest speakers are added via the Settings > Edit session. They will be assigned to the chosen session.

You can read our dedicated article for more details: Add Contributors to Your Event.

Email Invites

Recurring events have one registration page. When you invite someone to register for a recurring event, they'll receive an invitation to this page. They can register for one or many sessions on the same landing page. 

When they click on Register, they'll be redirected to the registration page which will display the closest session. 

The same rule applies when you share the URL of your recurring event. When a visitor clicks on the link, the nearest upcoming session will be displayed automatically for registration.

Registration Page

Your registration page will show the nearest upcoming session by default

Viewers can select a different date from the dropdown menu directly on the page as well as in the popup window when they fill out the registration fields.

Register for Multiple Sessions

If someone has registered for a session of a recurring event, they can register for additional sessions in one click. They just need to select another date from the dropdown menu and click on Register now. They will be asked to confirm their registration for the session.

As each session is independent, people need to register for each session in order to have access to multiple sessions of the event. This way they'll receive the emails of the other session as well and will be able to access the event room for both/all sessions. 

We suggest creating all your sessions in advance so when people visit the registration page, they can register for all the sessions they want to at once.

Event Room

The same concept applies to the event room. You can easily navigate between your past and upcoming sessions. Each session has its own event room.

When you click on the session, you'll get a popup window to select the session you'd like to display.

Here you have the option to toggle between upcoming and past sessions in the top left. There are also active columns if you want to display less or more information. 

If you're not on the right session and you try to start your event, you'll see a warning in the room 🚨

People Analytics

At first glance, the total number of visits and registrations of your recurring event will be displayed by selecting the People tab.

You can display the attendance/registration analytics of a specific session by clicking on the +filter with a session button. You'll get a popup window where you'll be able to select the session you'd like. This way you can see the data on attendance and registration after the end of a session.

Another option is going to the Sessions tab, and clicking on View registrants on the session you'd like to view, which will take you to the People tab filtered for that session.

Check out more details here about our Data and Analytics 👌

Event Replay

The replays of your recurring event will be grouped together under the Recordings tab for simpler access. You'll be able to view and download all your replays from one screen.

Check out our dedicated article for more details about our Event Replay.

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