View My Data and Analytics

There are 3 main places where you can see your data: 


View Data From the Events Dashboard

You need to filter your events by Events to view your data and analytics.

You can select the active columns according to what information you want to display on the dashboard:

  • number of registrants/attendees/no-shows
  • number of replay viewers
  • number of messages/questions/polls
  • team members
  • guest speakers
  • number of sessions
  • creation date
  • average duration
  • and more...

If needed, you can rearrange the columns in a different order and make them wider or shorter.

Livestorm Tip 👉 You can sort your events by name or by date.

View Data From the People Dashboard

When you click on an event, all of your registrants and their data will be displayed in the People dashboard. 

We will also include a graph on the Progression of visits and registrations. The graph time period will depend on when you published the event and the event start date. 

To the left, the Attendees Funnel indicates how many people registered for your event and then of those people that registered, how many actually attended your event. This gives you an easy visualization of your regsitrants vs. attendees.

If you want to see the data specifically for 1 session of a recurring event, click on + filter with a session.

Choose between Upcoming sessions or Past sessions (1) and then click on Select session (2).

When you select a session, you'll see a new graph with 2 options to view: 

  • Progress of connected attendees during the event
  • Progression of registrations

If you select an upcoming session, you will not see the Progress of connected attendees during the event on the dropdown menu.

Explore the People Page

The People page aggregates all of your registrants to all the events of a given workspace in a single tab.

You can select the active columns according to what information you want to display on the page. Scroll to the right to see all activated columns.

If you click on someone, a side pane will open with more detailed information (technical information...) and with aggregated data (total number of sessions attended, total number of messages on all events...).

View Attendance Data

Make sure to check the attendance active columns that you want to view in your dashboard. Scroll to the right until you see:

And voila 🎊 You can see just how engaged your attendees were during the event! 

Access All Data Captured by Livestorm

Go to your People dashboard and check out the active columns. These are the columns of data that you can display in your dashboard.

The following is a list of all of the data (active columns) that we capture for your registrants. You can display any of these in your dashboard by simply selecting the active columns.


  • Avatar
  • Name
  • Email
  • Email statuses
  • Event access key
  • City (from IP)
  • Country (from IP)


  • Registration date


*custom fields you've added to the form


  • Attended
  • Attendance rate
  • Attendance duration
  • Has viewed replay
  • Number of messages
  • Number of questions
  • Number of answered polls
  • Number of questions upvotes


  • Referrer
  • UTM source
  • UTM medium
  • UTM term
  • UTM content
  • UTM campaign


  • Browser
  • Browser version
  • Operation system
  • Operating system version
  • Screen height
  • Screen width

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