How to Host the Webinar Replay on Your Website?

In Livestorm you can download your webinar replay (MP4 file) and upload it on YouTube, Wistia or any other vendor. In order to host the replay on your website, you would need to upload it to another site and then you can embed that link in an iframe into your site.

Click on "Download" and upload your MP4 to Youtube, Wistia, or a site of your choice 🙂 

Now, you can leverage iframes to host the webinar replay anywhere. Just copy/paste the following code:

<div id="livestorm-recording"><iframe width="100%" height="400" src="PASTE HERE YOUR RECORDING LINK" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="true"></iframe><p>Powered by <a href="">Livestorm</a></p></div>

All you need to do is replace the text inside the src=" " with the link to your uploaded webinar recording and that's it.

Powered by Livestorm

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