Can I Host Pre-Recorded Webinars?

You can host pre-recorded webinars by using our media upload feature. Although it will be semi-automatic and not fully evergreen. Here's how it could work with Livestorm:

  1. Upload a Youtube video (or an MP4 video)
  2. Start the webinar manually
  3. Play the video
  4. Do a Q&A session (optional)
  5. End the webinar

🚨 Note that the video won't be present on the recording after the webinar. We can only record video streams such as webcams or screen sharing, not media (slides, video etc).

If you're hosting a pre-recorded webinar, we recommend you disable the recording from your webinar settings. This way your registrants will not be able to access the replay once you end your webinar.

🚨 Also, to ensure maximum reliability we strongly recommend you to use YouTube video. This is because YouTube has the capacity to adapt the stream according to the bandwidth of the person watching the video. Your attendees won't see the YouTube logo 🤓