Hide Chat/Questions/Attendees

If you have privacy concerns, you can indeed hide some stuff during an event.

There are several reasons why you should add some privacy settings:

  • Competitors might register for one of your events
  • You don't want your attendees to search each other on LinkedIn
  • Etc.

Or maybe you just don't want to be disturbed by the chat!

If that's your case, you can go to your Event settings and click on Event room:

In your privacy settings you can:

  • Disable the Chat altogether
  • Disable the Questions tab altogether
  • Enable "private questions" to hide the questions asked between participants. Only contributors (hosts, moderators, and guest speakers) will be able to see everyone's questions
  • Disable the Polls tab
  • Hide the People tab and leave it visible only to contributors (hosts, moderators, and guest speakers)
  • Hide the attendees' family names and leave them visible only to contributors (hosts, moderators, and guest speakers
  • Allow attendees to download shared PDF presentations. By default, PDFs are not downloadable.

Thanks to our preview mode, you'll see that you'll be able to see the changes that you make on the event room directly.

Can you make it private?
(Meaning it will  only be  visible to contributors)
Can you hide the tab completely?
People Yes No
Chat No Yes
Questions Yes Yes
Polls No  ( anonymized by default) Yes  

👉 If you make those changes after your event already started, you and your live attendees will have to refresh to see the changes. However, new attendees will see the new settings.

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