How Do I Customize & Edit My Webinar Emails?


Customizing the email invites

The email invite is an initial email you can send out to your target audience. This email includes a CTA with a link to the registration page.

You can edit the content of your email invites. In order to do this, click on your webinar and then " Email invites". You'll see the option to "Preview or edit email" on this page:

You can then edit the subject and the content of your invitation:

Customizing the webinar emails

Customizing the email content

With Livestorm, you don't have to worry about reminders sent to your attendees. We take care of everything. We generate clean responsive email templates with all of the information needed and based on your branding. You can easily customize the text of these emails.

  1. Go to the Emails section of your webinar settings. Here you can choose to disable some emails we usually send to your attendees.
  2. Click on the "Preview or edit" link next to an email. You can then click "Edit content" to change certain elements of the email:
  3. If you would like to add a link or make a word bold when you edit the content, you can select the text and a bubble will appear. If you add a link, don't forget to press Enter or it won't work.

    💡 Pro tip 👉In addition to changing the text content, you can also customize the CTA button and link it to a custom URL of your choosing. It's a great way to redirect people to a different page, send a survey or push a discount:

  4. At any point, you can send test emails (for additional quality control 😉): 

Understanding the email variables

Using email variables is a great way to personalize your email content and make it specific. We use Liquid language for our email variables. Here's a list of what we're currently offering:

First name Webinar title Your company name
Last name Webinar date* Your company contact email**

Access link

* Useful if you're creating an HTML email template from scratch. An example variable looks like this:

{{ | timezone: "Europe/Paris" | date: "%A, %B %e %Y at %l:%M %p (%Z)" }}

When you add this variable, we will take into account the timezone of the first session of a webinar. If you'd like to change the timezone, you can always update the " timezone:" component of this variable accordingly. The standard list of applicable timezones is accessible here. You can also change display of the date and time. You can check out Liquid's documentation and use this date/time formatter.

** The company contact email can be set from your Account settings > Team profile. Otherwise, we will use the default account email.

Adding more emails

When people register for your webinar, we send out in total five emails by default: one confirmation email, two reminders and two follow-ups.

  • Confirmation email: Right after registration
  • Reminders: About one hour and five minutes before the start
  • Follow-up: Five minutes after the end

It's not possible to edit the timing of these webinars. However, if you don't want to keep them, you can create your own emails from scratch and add the appropriate timing!

All you have to do is click Add an email > Manage templates:

This will take you directly to the Email settings of your Livestorm account. From there, you can create and manage your own custom emails. Click "New template" to start creating your custom email templates:

Customizing the email template

In this menu, you can set a specific time you'd like to send your email to registrants.

You can also change certain elements of the default email template. You can change the CTA, add a custom link or disable certain aspects of the template.

For example, if you want to do private webinars, you can disable the social share buttons in the template. You'll be able to see the changes in real time thanks to the preview mode:

Once you're set, click " Create this template" and that's it! Your template will be available for selection under Webinar settings > Email > Add an email

Creating full HTML emails from scratch

Want to take full control over your email templates? You can create your own email templates by using HTML 🎉

All you need to do is select " Custom HTML" from the template options, and click "Source" in the text editor to add your HTML.

Setting the email signature

Do you have multiple team members highlighted on your webinar? If you scroll under your enabled emails, you'll now see the option to select an Email Signature. Regardless of which team members are highlighted, here you can select exactly who you want to sign the emails. 

By default, the team member who created the webinar will appear in the signature. Feel free to change this as needed though 😉

Of course if you don't want to, you can always choose not to set a signature in your emails!