Livestorm Status Page

Because we want to be as transparent as possible with our users, it is essential to provide on-time updated information about Livestorm's System Status. This is why you can check our Status page at any time to keep being posted about what is happening without needing to reach our customer support. 

In this article, you'll learn more about reading and using our Status page

In this article

Find, Read and Understand the Status Information

You can find our Status page on the top of our Help Center

When you click on it, you first see a general overview of the system.

Here, the green bar gives you an idea of the current operational state of Livestorm at first glance. It turns yellow, orange, or red depending on what is happening. You can also see the state of the system of the ongoing day, which is "Operational" in this example: 

A view of the 90 last days allows you to keep an eye on what happened daily. If you hover over each colored rectangle, you can see a quick recap of each day. If there was an incident during one of these days, you'll be able to click on its link and see its detailed page showing what exactly happened. This way, you can get accurate live information.

By staying on the main Status page and scrolling down, you will see the day-by-day status of Livestorm and will be able to click on the titles of the incidents to open their related detailed page.

To get more details about Livestorm's Status, you can also click on View historical uptime.

It will display the uptime month by month. You can select the 3 ones you want to see on the right of the screen by clicking on the arrows to go back and forth in time. When you hover over the colored squares representing each day of the month, you can see if there was any downtime on that date: 

If there was an outage, its levelduration, and what happened will be shown under the date.

Click on the Incidents tab to only display the list of incidents that happened for 2 months. 

You can also access this Incidents page displaying the list by month by clicking onIncident History at the bottom of the main Status page:

Click on the title of an incident to go to its detailed page showing the steps of the problem resolution. 

If you go to the bottom of the Incidents tab, you can click on Current status to go back to the main page showing the status overview.

Subscribe to Status Updates

You have the possibility to subscribe to the updates regarding the system's status by clicking on the Subscribe to updates button.

You can choose between different ways to receive notifications:

  • e-mails
  • text messages
  • Slack
  • webhooks

You can also visit our Help Center for more details about specific topics. The menu displaying several choices to keep being informed also allows you to get the Atom Feed or RSS Feed by clicking on their related icons.

Here you go! 🎉 We hope that our Status page will be a great help in enhancing your experience with Livestorm! 

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