How Do I Block or Unblock Registrants?

If you see a competitor in the webinar room or someone is sending spam/inappropriate messages, you can always block them from the webinar room. You can manage your blocks directly from your People dashboard after the webinar. 


Who can block/unblock people from the webinar room

In order to block someone from the webinar room, you must have moderation rights. This means that any team member or guest speaker assigned to the webinar can block people from the room. They can also unblock people from the webinar room.

What happens when you block someone

They will be disconnected from the webinar immediately and won't be able to join any webinar room from your specific workspace again.

Every time they click on their access link, they will be redirected back to the registration page. 

Note: They will remain a registrant (visible in your People dashboard) and receive any webinar emails you have enabled. However, when they click on their access link, they will not be allowed in the room.

How to block/unblock someone from the webinar room

You can click on the ••• icon next to a profile either in the Chat tab or in the People tab. This will display the option to  Block. Just click to ban that person from your webinar. 

To unblock someone, click on the ••• icon again. They will immediately regain access should they click on their access link again. 

How to block/unblock from the dashboard

Once the webinar is ended, you can no longer block/unblock people from the webinar room.

But from your People dashboard, you can view who has been blocked :

Team members of your workspace (hosts and moderators) will have the ability to block/unblock people directly from the People dashboard as well :

  • by clicking on the ••• icon by their name
  • by clicking on the ••• icon by their name in the side panel

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