Webinar Automation

Looking to automate certain aspects of your webinar?

With this feature, you can create automation rules from your webinar settings under " Automation". For now, the available automation rules are as follows:

  • Start webinar
  • Play a video
  • End webinar
  • Redirect to a page


How to set up an automated webinar

1. Set a title for your webinars 

Start with a catchy title. Like in blogging, your title will have a great impact on your registration rate. You can refer to this post and this one to create great headlines. Our advice is to find something that will resonate with your audience's expectations and problems.

The title will then appear on the social media images we generate, that will be displayed if you share your webinar on social media.

2. Describe what your webinar is all about

Go for a description. What are you going to cover? Tell your audience why they should register for your webinar.

Pro tip: Announcing an incentive like a discount, an exclusive piece of content, a free 30 min consultation, will most probably increase your registration rate.

3. Pick a date & add sessions

In the Sessions tab: pick a date, time and duration. Make sure the date is in the future, otherwise you will get an error. 

Once published, you will be able to edit the date and time. Do not change those parameters if you already have registrations. People may already have saved the calendar event on their calendars, etc.

If you wish to host recurring webinars with multiple sessions (same webinar and multiple dates) then just add as many sessions as you want. If this is a one-time event just leave one session:

To learn more about sessions and recurring events, feel free to take a look at our dedicated article 👉 Recurring Events

4. Set up your automation rules

In your Webinar Settings, go to Automation, and add your automation rules:

  • Start webinar
  • Play a video
  • End webinar
  • Redirect to a page

While setting up your automation rules, you can set at what time you'd like an automation to take place. It will be calculated according to the start of your webinar:

If you'd like to hold automated, pre-recorded webinars, all you need to do is set these three actions accordingly. You can upload a recording from your computer during the "Play a video" step.

You can also redirect all webinar contributors and attendees to a page of your choice. For example, you can redirect them to your website, a login or a pricing page at the end of your webinar 😉

Bear in mind that you can always cancel an automatic page redirection:

Automation is disabled for each webinar by default. So if you duplicate a webinar, the automation rules will not be copied. You'd still have to set them up for your new webinar.

That's it! Just lay back and enjoy as your webinars take off in autopilot mode 🌴

Automation FAQ

Can I play multiple videos?

Yes! Just add your first "play a video" step and then you can go ahead and add it a second time or more

Can I interact with attendees during an automated webinar?

Yes! Feel free to go into the webinar room to answer chat messages and/or questions. 

Can I go on stage? Run a Q&A?

Yes! The host and any team members added to the webinar can go into the webinar room at anytime. You can go on stage if you'd like and even answer questions live. In this case, you may manually end the webinar, so no need to add the automation step  end webinar.