How Can I Add Team Members to My Account?

Coming soon!

What will team-wide accounts offer? What will change?

  • You will be able to add multiple hosts to your account! 
  • We will be offering new pricing for each extra host. 
  • Each host will be able to start and end webinars, see registrant analytics, moderate the webinar, etc!
  • You will be able to hold simultaneous webinars! But only for as many host accounts that you pay for. For example, if you have three hosts under your account, you can host three webinars at the same time.

What do we do now?

  • For now, if you'd like to add teammates to your webinar, you can add them as contributors and give them moderation rights. Moderators can answer questions, delete messages, kick out registrants, and more. You can see more details here on what they can do as well as the difference between the host, contributors, and attendees. 
  • For now, if you need to have multiple hosts, you'll have to share your credentials with your team. For each webinar, go to the Webinar settings, and you can change the Host info. This new host will have to use your credentials to access the account. Please see how-to details here 😉
  • For now, if you need to hold simultaneous webinars, you will need to open a second account.