Adding Team Members


You can add team members to your Livestorm account in your Account settings > Team members. When you add them to your Livestorm account, you can select from one of two main roles: Host and Moderator

Our pricing is per host and nominative. Each additional host incurs an add-on fee. 

Moderators are free and unlimited! You may add as many as you need 👌

How it works:

1. Invite a team member to your organization.

2. The team member needs to accept the invitation and create their account.

3. Then you can assign them to your webinars from the Sessions sidepanel (Sessions > edit session > Team members). You'll be able to select them when you click " +add a team member".

If they're assigned to the webinar or session, they'll be able to access the webinar room from their Livestorm dashboard. They will also be able to moderate the webinar: delete questions, publish polls, invite people on stage, ... 

You must assign your team members to each webinar or session that they need webinar room access to ⚠️

Feel free to check out our related article for more information: How Do I Add Contributors?


Hosts have full dashboard access. 

  • They can create and edit webinars. 
  • They can send out webinar invitations. 
  • Most importantly, they can start, moderate and end webinars (if assigned to the webinar). 

For webinar room access, they must be assigned to each webinar or session from the Sessions sidepane (Sessions > edit session > Team members). 

Need more than one host?

No problem! You can have multiple hosts under one Livestorm account. 

Need to hold simultaneous webinars?

Great! You can also hold simultaneous webinars 👌🏼 But only for as many hosts that you pay for. For example, if you have 3 hosts under your account, you'll be able to host 3 webinars at the same time.

Our pricing is per host. We will charge an add-on fee for each extra host added to your Webinar Premium plan. You can check out our pricing page for more information. 

Please note the consent you must check when you add a new host :


Moderators can access the Livestorm dashboard - just like hosts. They can view and export all webinar data.

If they're assigned as team members to the webinar or a session, they'll be able to access the webinar room and moderate your webinar/session.

Bear in mind that moderators cannot create, edit, start or end webinars. Also, they won't be able to access the webinar settings and won't be able to send out webinar invitations.

You may add as many moderators as you need, they are free : 

What's coming next? What will change? 🔮

  • You'll be able to decide if you want your team members to access the Billing menu or not.
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