Differences Between the Host and Contributors

Here a few specificities about hosts, contributors, and attendees:

  • Host: The host is in charge of running the webinar, s/he's the only one who can start and end the webinar.
  • Contributors: Contributors have the right to enter the webinar room before it starts. If you pass them moderation rights they will be able to moderate the room.
  • Attendees: Attendees are just viewers by default.  They interact with others via chat or questions only once the webinar is live. They cannot see each other, they don't have access to their webcam or audio. However, they can be invited "on stage" at  anytime  by the host or a moderator.

This is a quick recap of who can do what during the webinar:

  Host Moderator contributors Contributors Attendees
Enter the room before the webinar starts? Yes Yes Yes No
Start or end the webinar? Yes No No No
Share their webcam/screen (go on stage)? Yes Yes No* No*
Invite someone on stage? Yes Yes No No
Moderate chat, questions, etc.? Yes Yes No No
Exclude participant? Yes Yes No No
See chat messages from everyone? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ask questions? No No Yes Yes
Answers questions? Yes Yes No No
Send polls? Yes Yes No No
Send a CTA? Yes Yes No No
See the people tab when hidden? Yes Yes No No

*Note that contributors and attendees can share audio/video if they are invited on stage.