Differences Between Roles

Here are a few specifics on what each kind of attendee can do:

  • Host (Team member): A team member with the host role is in charge of running the event. It's the only role that can start and end the event. 
  • Moderator (Team member): A team member with the moderator role can enter the Event room before it starts. They can view the Event dashboard and moderate events.
  • Guest speakers: People who are not part of your team but will present at the event or help moderate. They can enter the room before it starts and moderate events.
  • Attendees: Attendees are just viewers by default. They interact with others via chat or questions only once the event is live. They cannot see each other, they cannot share their own webcam or audio. However, they can be invited "on stage" at any time by team members and guest speakers.

Only the workspace owner (the person who created the workspace) can delete the workspace and delete team members. 

This is a quick recap of who can do what during the event:

Guest speaker Attendee
Access the dashboard?
Access event Settings?
Delete team members
Change the role of a host to a moderator (and vice versa)
Send Email Invites?
Enter the room before the event starts?
Start or end the event?
Manually record the event (REC button in the room)
Share their webcam/screen (join stage)? ❌ *
Invite someone on stage?
Remove someone from the stage?
Control a media on stage?
(passing PDF slides, moving video player)
Remove a presentation from the stage?
Moderate chat, questions?
Block/unblock a participant from the room?
Block/unblock a participant from the dashboard?
See chat messages from anyone?
Ask questions?

Answer questions?
"Live answer" a question? ✅ ** ✅ ** ✅ **
See Private Questions? ❌ ***
Create and send Polls?
Answer Polls?

See the People tab when hidden?
Send a CTA?
Delete registrants?
Export the registrants, chat, and questions?
Create & Start Breakout Rooms

*Note that attendees can share audio/video if they are invited on stage.

**Contributors can only "answer live" when they are on stage.

***Attendees can only view their own questions asked when Private Questions are enabled.

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